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Migrating Parasites of Mrs. Mosquito

December 09, 2012  by: Paulose  Points: 12   Category: Health    Views: 525

World cannot boast now that it has eradicated malaria. It is coming back. Return of malaria is more complicated. Even in the US, where once malaria had been completely eradicated, this contagious disease seems to remigrate.


Malaria has been a challenging threat to the world in the last century. With the constant efforts of World Health Organization(WHO) and member countries it was eradicated from most of the countries in the 50s of the last century. But the primary architect of malaria, Mrs. mosquito(the Anopheles mosquito), has managed to come back for another battle, this time with more powerful weapons and pointed machine guns! The constant risk of malaria attack has been evident in many parts of the world.

Even in the cold states of US such as New York, New Jersey, Maryland and California and in other countries, parasites of malaria seem to be active today. Active parasites travel to cold western countries through traveling people.

Malaria in tropical and subtropical countries

Malaria is spread mainly by the malarial parasites which are transported by mosquitoes. Mosquitoes spread in the tropical and subtropical countries in Africa and Asia during monsoon seasons (April to January). During winter it is a great problem in these countries to manage mosquitoes. It is the season for all kinds of contagious diseases such as malaria, dengue fever and yellow fever, spread by mosquito.

Extraordinary technique of the parasites

Scientists have recently discovered the extraordinary technique of the parasites in causing malaria. These malaria parasites secrete a kind of glue, which is the main reason for sticking of the malaria-infected red blood cells to the blood vessel walls, which cannot be removed by the immune system of the body organs. They spread in the body and cause malaria fever.

Reasons for malaria spreading from place to place

Main reason for this spread of malaria is transition of parasites through the immigrants and visiting travelers. People travel for various reasons such as tourism, business, visiting friends and relatives,etc.

Tips to prevent mosquito bite

1) Malaria can attack anywhere at any season. If mosquito presence is suspected, it is prudent to take preventive measures to escape from mosquito bite.

2) Sleeping in mosquito protected cots is ideal.

3) Visitors traveling to mosquito prone areas may take preventive drugs.

4) Mosquito repellent containing diethyl toluamide is recommended as the most effective form of treatment to escape from the bite.

Malaria is a serious disease caused by parasites spread through the blood sucking mosquito. When infected it starts with fever which can even turn fatal.



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