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Why Is Lung Cancer the Largest Single Cause of Women Deaths in the US?

December 09, 2012  by: Paulose  Points: 15   Category: Health    Views: 626

It is a sad fact that lung cancer is the largest single cause of cancer deaths in the United States. The lung cancer deaths are increasing every year in the country, in spite of all preventive and precautionary methods. Statistics report that lung cancer deaths are more than deaths that occur due to other cancers.


Lung cancer in the US is the number one killing cancer disease both in men and women. American Lung Association reports that the number of deaths due to lung cancer has increased approximately 4.3 percent in the last decade. The darker side of the statistics is that the number of women dying of lung cancer is increasing every year. It is said that lung cancer deaths have increased 150 percent in women over the last two decades, compared to an increase of about 20 percent in men.

Why November is observed as Lung Cancer Month?

After October being observed as Breast Cancer Awareness month, November is observed as Lung Cancer Awareness month of which many people are not aware. In fact, lung cancer kills more people than any other cancer. It kills more than 200 women every day. Most of them die within a year they are diagnosed of the disease.

How does lung cancer grow in human body?

A cancer growth begins with a mutation or an accidental change in a genomic sequence of DNA. Mutation may be caused by the normal aging process or through the environmental factors such as breathing of asbestos or cigarette smoke. Smoking affects the lung cells and causes changes. It may be through direct smoke or secondary smoke. Lung cancer may be primary when it is caused by smoking and it can be secondary when it is caused by the growth of other cancers such as breast cancer.

Types of lung cancer

Lung cancer is classified into two major groups.
1) When the lung cancer cells are observed in the microscope they are found in two sizes: non-small and small. The non-small cell lung cancer is NSCLC. This type accounts for more than 80% of the lung cancers.

2) NSCLC is the common type found as cell carcinoma. It is formed in the linings of the bronchial tubes. Adenocarcinoma affects most of the women and is found in the lungs as mucus. Bronchioalveolar carcinoma is formed near the lung in air sacs.

3) Small cell lung cancer is labeled as SCLC. Though SCLC accounts for less number of cancer deaths, the cells can multiply fastly and form as large tumors which can spread throughout the body. Smoking is the main cause of this SCLC.

There are also other subtle types of lung cancer cells. Different types of lung cancer cells have to be treated in different ways.

Symptoms of lung cancer

Persistent coughing, pain in the chest or shoulder, shortness of breath, and changes in the color of sputum and voice are some of the important symptoms of lung cancer.

Smoking is the main culprit of lung cancer. The pleasure of puff butts and hits the treasure of life.



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