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Absorption spectra and Fraunhofer lines

December 09, 2012  by: kanduri narasimha  Points: 12   Category: General Science  Earning $0.20   Views: 1026

In this article, absorption spectra and Fraunhofer lines are explained.


Absorption spectra:

When absorbing substance is introduced between source emitting continuous spectrum and a spectroscope then it is found that some regions of continuous spectrum are missing. So, that missing spectrum is called absorption spectrum. Generally, this absorption occurs when the light passes through transparent substance. Moreover, in certain substances, absorption of light corresponding certain parts of the spectrum is called selective absorption.

Absorption spectrum:

Come to the definition, the spectrum of the light absorbed by a substance due to selective absorption is called absorption spectrum.

Absorption spectrum are two types. They are
1. Line spectrum
2. Band spectrum

1. Line spectrum:

When white light from incandescent bulb is sent through a Bunsen flame fed with sodium salt, the transmitted light is found to be continuous spectrum crossed by two close dark lines. These dark lines lie exactly in the same position as the emission lines of sodium and constitute line absorption spectrum. Line absorption spectrum of an element obtained when the temperature of source of light is higher than the atomic vapour through which it passes.

Band spectrum:

If the absorption spectrum is in the form of groups or bands of closely spaced lines is called band absorption spectrum. Generally, band spectrum is the characterstic of molecular gases and chemical compounds.

Fraunhoffer lines:

When the sun light is passing through the prism, we can observe some dark lines in the spectrum. These dark lines are called absorption lines. We can call it as Fraunhoffer lines.

The reason for Fraunhoffer lines is the surface of the Sun. From this photosphere, sun light is created.


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