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Benefits Of exercise

June 13, 2010  by: winindia  Points: 20   Category: Health  Earning $0.40   Views: 2429

How Exercise keep us fit and what type of exercise is better for us?


When we talk about Exercise mostly people think about Physical Exercise only.

When we do exercise it gives us benefit like


Our muscle get strength.
we control our body weight.
Our Mood get refresh.
Get mental peace.
Increase Energy in Body.
Increase self esteem.
Decrease chance of Heart attack.
Increase stamina and decrease Depression.
There are 100 other benefits also we get from doing exercise

Types Of exercise

Generally there are three types of Exercise-
1-Slight Exercise
2-Moderate Exercise
3-Vigorous exercise

Exercise can be aerobics,Yoga,jogging,Running,swimming,dancing,sports like squash,work out at Gym etc.

Best time to do Exercise
early Morning is the best Time to do exercise as that time you have more energy and you get fresh air, but there is no rule that you should do Exercise in morning only, when ever you feel well and get time can do Exercise.

Author: snowdoll487        
Posted Date: 08/02/2010    Points:2    

Informative article you have here winindia. I think i've read to over a dozen articles here in exposed knowledge about exercise. This is particularly stressed by a lot of health organizations and studies.
Author: Mathi        
Posted Date: 08/18/2010    Points:1    

good article dear.

methods and its benefits are nice.
Author: Swethashenoy        
Posted Date: 10/09/2010    Points:2    

You can even add laughter as a form of exercise. Laughing will cause release of toxins and improve the flow of blood, most of the internal organs are exercised through laughter.
Author: Dr. Simran Kaur        
Posted Date: 12/30/2010    Points:1    

Daily exercise is a way to good health. Right said winindia. There are so many benefits of exercise.
Author: Loraine Dela Cruz        
Posted Date: 02/06/2011    Points:3    

It is continuously very central to keep the body healthy. This preference cook surely the other parts of the body to labor accurately such as we employment each day. Appreciation pro this very informative and major article. Continuously construct a very informative article so to other folks preference benefit from the in a row to you share.
Author: King        
Posted Date: 05/08/2011    Points:1    

Exercise helps to reduce body weight. It is also good for heart.

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