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Is Diabetes the Sibling of Hunger?

December 11, 2012  by: Paulose  Points: 15   Category: Health    Views: 491

Diabetes and hunger seem to be siblings. Both hunger and diabetes are closely associated with each other. It is said that diabetic people cannot withstand hunger. They lose their temper when they feel hungry and their blood sugar level is increased. Frequent hunger is one of the classic symptoms of diabetes.


Are diabetes and hunger siblings? Or twins of the same entity that torture body and mind? One would wonder at the close association between diabetes and hunger.

What is hunger?

Hunger is nature’s call to fuel the body. It is a natural tool innate in the body to reconnect energy with the instinctive signals. Learning about hunger, diabetes and food management will help better maintenance of food intake and blood glucose levels. It can also help to follow better food habits instead of biting every food that comes across.

Modern eating is mainly not to appease hunger but it has become a habit of satiating pleasure of tongue or gluttony. Actual hunger does not cause diseases. But eating for other reasons leads to diseases. A tamil proverb insists that we should eat only when we feel the pinch of hunger. But most of our meals are based on routine habits.

Hunger is an important instinct in health life

Hunger is the strongest drive in the body, stronger than any other drive for survival because without food we will die. Hunger coming as a call of energy requirement is quite different from the uncomfortable feeling that most of the people have when they skip a meal. Real hunger is caused by malnutrition and lack of energy that makes the body and mind so weak that they cannot do any physical or mental task.

Hunger is felt as a kind of emptiness in the stomach. In the beginning stage, hunger is felt subtle but it becomes stronger and affects body and mind by causing changes in feelings and emotions. Acute hunger or the peak point of hunger causes mindless food choices and overeating. This causes fluctuations in the level of blood sugar and creates further problems in the body and mind.

Diabetes and hunger

Diabetes is a disease caused by the swift metabolic changes in insulin levels in the presence of normal or high blood sugars. The diabetic symptom of hunger frequently arises from the fact that a person with diabetes cannot utilize glucose well as the energy source within cells which become unable to use the glucose circulating in the blood.

Besides the metabolic changes that cause hunger and blood sugar level, there are also other reasons that cause the feeling of hunger. Hormones such as adrenal and leptin, and drugs such as cortisol can also cause raging hunger.

Does hunger cause diabetes?

Although there is close association between hunger and diabetes, there is no evidence that hunger is the sole cause of diabetes or it causes the mechanism of changes in blood sugar levels. But the hunger symptoms may overlap with the symptoms of fluctuations in blood sugar levels in diabetes. Thus a close association between hunger and diabetes is created.



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