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Getting Ready for The D-Day or Doomsday

December 12, 2012  by: Paulose  Points: 15   Category: Inspirational Stories    Views: 553

Is the world anxious to know what is going to happen on the D-Day or the Doomsday? Many people consider 12/12/12 as an auspicious D-Day to begin new ventures. Many are anxious to know more details about the result of December 21, 2012, to plan their future. Do not worry, auspicious days and apocalyptic days are only in your mind.


Now its over!
It is quite interesting to know that many people are mad after auspicious days. They wait for those days to begin their projects and new ventures. They believe that those days promise luck for future. They hope that those days are religiously and astrologically marked by favorable lucky signs or good omens and therefore confirm success or happiness in future. Most of the people believe time, space and doom are decided by a higher power according to one’s karma or hereditary predestination. It may not have any reason at all.

Is 12/12/12 the D-Day?

D-day in the history is marked as a code word for starting some important military operation. Later, it came to be used to denote a beginning of some important event or venture.

Wednesday of 12/12/12 is considered as more auspicious in India, since there is a belief that Wednesday is the most auspicious of all the seven days. There is a Tamil proverb which means that Wednesday is more auspicious than the most valuable metal gold. The fact that 12/12/12 falls on a Wednesday makes many women in India crazy about the day.
The number twelve has many significances in life. For example, time is calculated in twelve hours and days in twelve months. You may just imagine how twelve is involved in human life.

Times of India, a leading Indian newspaper, reports about the rush in maternity hospitals in Bangalore for the date 12/12/12. A lot of expectant mothers have already booked hospitals for their delivery on the auspicious date 12-12-12, the best combination available in this year. This kind of combination will never be available in the near future. The pregnant women, who have not completed days, are ready to undergo C-section delivery on that date, since the hospital rules allow cesarean only if the mother has completed 36 weeks of pregnancy.

The newspaper has also reported that the date mania is absolutely foolish, quoting Daivajna K N Somayaji, astrologer and vastu expert, “It is absolutely foolish to deliver a baby on a particular fancy date. This is only a hype created by some numerologists. As per vedic shastra, this date falls just before Amavasya and is not considered auspicious at all.”

What about the Doomsday on December 21, 2012?

There has been serious speculations about the Doomsday on December 21, 2012, predicted by the Mayan calendar. An oldest-known version of the ancient Maya calendar has been discovered recently in the ruins of a city deep in the Guatemalan rainforest which mentions about life that goes a long way beyond December 12, 2012. Archaeologist David Stuart of the University of Texas, who worked to decipher the glyphs of the ancient Mayan calendar, says, “ The calendar is about life to keep going for billions, trillions, octillions of years into the future.”

Be assured and be calm. Do not worry about dates, auspicious or inauspicious. Past cannot be changed. Future is not in your hands as long as you are negative about it. Be positive and do the right. Live today righteously. Otherwise everyday is an end in your life.



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