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Incredible Increase in Intestinal Infections

December 12, 2012  by: Paulose  Points: 15   Category: Health    Views: 517

Beware of intestinal infections. They are on the increase. It may be surprising that this kind of bacterial infection in the intestines is caused by the antibiotics and other medications we take for curing diseases. Another surprising factor of this increase is that it is commonly found in hospitals and long-term care facilities.


Intestinal infections are increasing in the recent years. They are mainly caused by the antibiotics and other medications that we take for curing diseases. It is a kind of suicidal attack that occurs in our intestines. The “good bacteria” in our intestines are attacked and killed by the medications when the balance between infecting bacteria and good bacteria is lost. The infection resulted by this imbalance is called Clostridium difficile(C.diff).

How do the bad bacteria cause trouble in the body?

1) Human body has in itself the power of natural resistance. There are millions of “good” bacteria in the intestines. They are an important part of health since they help break down and digest food.

2) C - difficile is a bacteria normally found in the intestines of healthy as well as ill people. The good bacteria also ward off many “bad” or foreign bacteria that one may come in contact with which actually cause diseases. The bad bacteria enter into the body through food or by touching things.

3) Unsanitary conditions, fecal to mouth contact of infection possibilities, etc. The patients themselves may be the first victims if they do not wash well and keep themselves hygienic.

4) The C.diff infection has higher chances of spreading in hospitals because C. diff spores can live outside the human body for a very long time. They may be found on items such as bed linens, other places in hospitals such as bathroom fixtures and medical equipment.

Antibiotics causing imbalance in the bacterial level

When patients take antibiotics for diseases to treat infections, they do not stop with targeting one or two types of bacteria. They kill other types also. Thus the number of good bacteria is reduced disturbing the balance. This imbalance allows the rapid growth of C.diff bacteria which leads to health problems. Sometimes it may lead to the point to the removal of colon.

The Food and Drug Administration has warned that certain stomach acid drugs may increase the risk of a serious intestinal bacteria infection that leads to the multiplication of C.diff. Generally these drugs called proton pump inhibitors are taken for treating acid reflux, stomach ulcers and other conditions to reduce acidity. But stomach acid is a very important defense mechanism against pathogens.

Symptoms of C.diff infection

Infection of C.diff can be found by the symptoms such as mild diarrhea, stomach upset, dehydration, cramping, etc.

How to avoid C.diff bacteria?

1) When imbalance in good and bad bacteria is caused, the C.diff multiply and cause problems of infection. Studies show that adding the yeast-based probiotic foods can cut the spread of C.diff is in the colon.

2) C.diff bacteria infection can be avoided by proper hand washing and using alcohol-based sanitizers.

3) Taking antibiotics unnecessarily should be discouraged and they should be taken only when prescribed by doctors.


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