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Dental Problems Among Adolescents and Adults Are Different

December 13, 2012  by: Paulose  Points: 15   Category: Health    Views: 620

Dental problems are on the increase in the recent decades. Dental care is very vital to maintain good health because dental diseases may lead to other serious problems. Dental problems of the adolescents are not the same as that of adults.


dental problems vary from age to age, especially in the modern days of fast food and other changing food habits. Oral problems of adolescents and adults are different. They have to be treated differently.

Dental care in adolescents

Dental care starts from the birth. Infants born without teeth develop them after a few months. Growth of teeth adds beauty to face and smile. After a few years the infant teeth fall and are replaced by permanent ones. Children have to be trained well in brushing their teeth properly and flossing well. Periodical visit to a dentist has become a must in modern lifestyle.

Dental care the dream of teenage romance
Dental care in teenage is very important. Adolescents are very particular about the beauty of their teeth and face. The smile on the face is the blossoming flower of their budding romance. Hence they treat oral care as very vital in adolescence. Good dental health not only keeps the body in good shape but also helps maintaining good health. Carelessness in dental care leads to gum disease, cavities and other infections. Oral care with regular brushing and flossing is essential for everyone.

Adolescent dental problems

1) Hormonal changes at puberty may cause dental problems among adolescents. One school of thought says that dental problems in teenage occur mainly due to inadequate diet and oral hygiene.

2) Adolescents face dental problems such as gum inflammation, a sign of gingivitis, that affects the whole body in some way.

3) Modern adolescents with braces have become a common sight. It is not surprising that at least two third of the teenagers wear braces to straighten their teeth, add beauty to face and to correct dental problems.

4) Growth of wisdom teeth is another problem among teenagers. Sometimes they have to face extraction or the removal of the third molar.

5) Dental cavities are yet another common problem in adolescents. Experts say that at least 59% of adolescents between the ages 12 and 19 have tooth decay in their permanent teeth due to modern food habits.

Dental care in adults

1) Adults face problems like receding gums which leaves the root surfaces of teeth exposed. Exposed area becomes vulnerable to decay and to abrasion from brushing. Tooth erosion due to wearing away of tooth is commonly found among adults.

2) Gum disease, tooth loss, oral cancer, and dental problems due to diseases such as diabetes, etc. are also common among adults.

3) Wrinkling of the skin by loss of teeth creates problems in adults.

Dental health among adolescents and adults is quite different and has to be treated properly. Modern lifestyle makes dental care more important. Periodical check up can avoid additional problems.


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