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The End is Nigh and the Candle Sale is High

December 14, 2012  by: Paulose  Points: 15   Category: Inspirational Stories    Views: 435

Just a few days or hours to see the end of the world. The ticking of the clock makes the people in many states grow nervous. many interesting stories from all sides of the globe are flooded into media daily. In some places prices of candles and party items are growing high.


The Doomsday rumor that the world may end on December 21 of this year has created panic in many places. All over the globe, a lot of rumors and chaos are going on over the date of Doomsday. Some people are celebrating since this is an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity in their unique ways which can enjoy. Some are acutely anxious about what is going to happen. In their panic, they lose the present time and create chances for making themselves mad.

A Chinese scene in a Christian diocese

It is really surprising to find some people in China are rushing to protect themselves from the Doomsday on December 21. UCAN News service reports that the residents of Sichuan province in China, and of course in many more states and provinces around the world, are getting nervous as the clock ticks down to December 21. Most of these people are not readers of current newspapers but believe what they hearsay that the world is going to end on this date.

Surprising beliefs and activities of believers

Prognostications of the end of time of these believers are linked mainly to a Mayan monument, on which a certain ruler of the past had predicted the end of a 5,000-year cycle on December 21, 2012. Some Christian believers have interpreted this prediction connecting to the advent of the Apocalypse, as the Christian era has entered into a new Advent season. What is more surprising is that these people stock up on a few necessary supplies which they may need just in case they are alive!

The date is nigh and the rates are high

As the rumors spread faster than fire, they take new avatars of beliefs. For example a few days back, when such rumors began to spread in Neijiang city in China, it resulted in many Catholic residents of the city of Yibin diocese flocking to markets to stock up on candles and matches. They take the candles to priests to bless them. This has caused hike in the rates of candles and other such things. Local media reports also say that stocks of candles, particularly white ones, have been flying off the shelves of the shops. When there is no stock in the city, people fly to neighboring cities in search of white candles! Is it a humor of ignorance or a rumor of blind belief?

Some Catholic priests who were not aware of this rumor blessed these candles as they usually do for religious articles. Now they are trying to convince people with God’s love and providence and ask them to cast away their fears through the Faith of God.

Laywoman Teresa Wang in neighboring Nanchong diocese reports that the candle fever has affected her local parish also and the price of candle has tripled within few days!

Rumors and panics cause hikes in prices. Commercial world is always ready to make profit at every chance!


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