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Why Is 12/12/12 the Luckiest Day?

December 14, 2012  by: Paulose  Points: 15   Category: Inspirational Stories    Views: 419

Many people are propagating the alarming rumors about 12/12/12, claiming it to be the Doomsday. They state so many reasons for their claim. But as per traditions, 12/12/12 is the luckiest day. Here are some reasons that make the number twelve unique and the day 12/12/12 the luckiest.


Do not be carried away by the strong rumors which frighten you with their negative ideas. Look at the positive side of the greatness of the number 12. Have faith in the love of God which is always for your good. Strengthen your life with righteousness. Here is an interesting research published in Tamil by the Sthapathi Mohan Raj of Swamimalai, one of the abodes of Lord Sri Muruga, situated near Papanasam, India. He belongs to the hereditary community called Sthapathi who traditionally make icons of gods based on ancient literature and scriptures.

Why is 12/12/12 the Luckiest Day?

1) The date 12/12/12 is exceptionally important for its unique sequence of month, date and year. Such sequential dates that came before could only look forward as 10/10/10>11/11/11. But you cannot look forward on or after 12/12/12 as 13/13/13, etc. You have to go back only.

2) Months according to the Gregorian calendar end with 12, which system is followed almost universally.

Other interesting details about 12

3) The number is closely associated with human life. The zodiac signs that decide human fate are 12 in number. The columns that calculate the human horoscope number 12.

4) The number 12 has great significance in the art of sculpture. The sun god is escorted in his chariot fanned by twelve apsaras(female spirits of divinity). The wheel(chakra) of sun god has 12 spokes. The famous temple of sun god at konarak, in the Indian state of Odisha, has 12 chakras. Goddess Kali is accompanied by 12 yogis.

5) In the ancient language Tamil, the number 12 has a lot of significances. For example the language has 12 vowels.

6) This number is significant in religions also. To give an example, the Saivite tradition of Hindu religion has the collection of twelve holy scriptures called panniru thirumurai written in Tamil. They explain the principles of Shaiva Siddhanta(scripture texts).

7) Vaishnava Azhvar gurus who propagated another sect of Hindu religion(Vaishnavite) number 12.
(You may here think of the twelve Apostles of Christianity also).

The great significance of the lucky number goes without any end. It is interesting to think of those details and forget about the Doomsday. Just think of the positive side- the great significance of the luckiest day 12/12/12.


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