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ABC Formula to Arrest AIDS

December 17, 2012  by: Paulose  Points: 15   Category: Health    Views: 597

AIDS is fatal. It can cripple all your energy and kill you. In the modern free lifestyle risks of AIDS infection are increasing. It affects generations and the whole future. If it is not controlled, the whole humanity will succumb to the evil consequences of AIDS. Here is an ABC formula which has been successful in the recent years in arresting the spread of the deadly HIV virus. AIDS/HIV, fatal disease, epidemic spread, sexual diseases, ABC


AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases are on the increase in the modern lifestyle of promiscuous and free sex. It is a great red signal to the progress of humanity. Diseases spread by sex are very difficult to be controlled. They spread like wildfire and devastate everything. These sex diseases are more dangerous than other diseases because they affect generations and spread rapidly through the fire of lust.

India fighting against AIDS

India has been one of the leading countries in the world in the spread of HIV/AIDS. A recent study of the British Medical Journal has reported that approximately 1.4-1.6 million Indian people are having HIV/AIDS in the year 2011. Earlier it was 5.5 million in 2005. When the first case was detected in 1986, the HIV virus was spreading with alarming rapidity in India in both urban and rural areas. As a result of awareness programs and propaganda of the ABC formula the number of AIDS victims has been gradually reducing during the recent years. The United Nations 2011 AIDS report hails the tremendous achievement that there has been a 50% decline in the number of new HIV infections in the last 10 years in India.

A sigh of relief from India

The dramatic drop in the number of AIDS cases in India has been attributed mainly to the success of the ABC formula. The Indian federal government as well as the NGOs have worked hard throughout the country to redeem India from the abysmal pit of HIV epidemic. The number of AIDS-related deaths has also significantly reduced through the anti-AIDS campaigns.

ABC Formula of NAZ India

James Veliath, coordinator of the New Delhi-based NGO Naz Foundation India Trust, says that the circulated ABC formula of the NAZ India has proved to be successful in waking up the marginalized to be safe from the AIDS. According to him, “A is for Abstinence, B for Be Faithful and C for Condom.” NAZ India evolved and implemented a holistic approach to fight with HIV, focusing its attention on prevention as well as treatment.

A for abstinence

Most religions as well as NGOs promote abstinence and fidelity as the best way to stop the epidemic of HIV/AIDS. the message is propagated everywhere, especially among the adolescents. Teenage education and awareness about abstinence in sex has yielded good results.

B for Being Faithful

India respects family and marital relationship very much. Although media and other modern devices promote sex for selfish profit, moral value education still has power in India.

C for condom

Role of condom use for AIDS prevention in the developing countries such as India has been working miracle in arresting the prevalence of AIDS. The Indian government has been very practical to make it reach every nook and corner.


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