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Obesity ruining the Children

December 18, 2012  by: Sapna Chaurasia  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.50   Views: 661

Obesity is emerging as a serious problem in today’s children. The article highlights our lifestyle that is taking our children toward this disease and some changes that we can bring along in our routine to avoid this disorder.


A large section of urban Indians has become health conscious over a time but our younger generation has come up with contradictory statistics. Research says that about 20% of school goers in India are obese and it surely questions our lifestyle. A person becomes obese when the calories consumed are much more than they are burnt making them pile on the excess amount of fat which definitely puts their life on the various risks. Most of the obese children are likely to grow in adult obese making them prone to physiological and psychological disorders like low self esteem, depression, diabetes, hypertension, heart diseases, cancer etc.

Thanks to Indian mothers

We can very well come across Indian mothers and grandmother's approach toward feeding the child. Some mothers prefer feeding their child at regular interval making them flabby a young age. Unfortunately a flabby and chubby child is still considered healthy by many of us.

All work and no play

School and tuition leaves lesser time for active sports which have many health benefits. Moreover children today prefer to stay home and enjoy the indoor activity like playing video games, watching TV and surfing the internet, the ultra modern hobby of today’s modern child.These indoor recreation methods also encourage munching and snacking on food like chips, soft drinks, etc. that is rich in fats and serve no purpose for the health of the child. These two reasons are turning out as a prime reason for obesity in children.

Easily available junk foods

Today we are surrounded by a variety of food choices and it’s very easy to fall prey to the choices that are easily accessible and satisfy our taste buds. In no time that children become obsessed with junk food. Lack a time for making healthy preparation at home also diverts them to junk food cravings.

Obesity, a family phenomenon

In some cases obesity can be a hereditary and many generations over a time can be obese. In addition to this the food habits and life style patterns greatly influence the health of the child.

A reward that can cost the health of the child

Setting goals and awarding the child is a good way of encouraging them but reward in the form of treat which comprises chocolates, pizzas, etc. can be too bad from the health point of view.

Small changes can bring big differences

Obesity in children is becoming a very sought after the problem for today’s parents. The point is to make their children realize that they support them and accept them the way they are, this will boost their child self esteem and encourage them to work upon their health. It is important to inculcate healthy food habits and lifestyle changes in children right from the beginning to avoid the dangerous consequences of obesity in the future. The parents and teachers can become their children’s role model if they themselves rules to healthy eating and teach their child the same. There is a need to take some family time out from the usual busy schedule to play outdoors and spend time together. Experimenting with the daily food to attract the attention of children can do the trick. Children should be educated about the positive impacts of exercise, yoga and eating healthy food for their overall wellbeing. To curb this disorder all we need is patience and a disciplined routine that will surely show positive result in helping the child regain his/her health.


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