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Dangers of Dieting on Children

December 18, 2012  by: Sapna Chaurasia  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.50   Views: 490

There are many of us who are not happy with their body and switching over to the diet plan to keep them in shape, the trend has not even spared our children too and they are falling prey to unhealthy lifestyles and food habits whose consequences are very damaging.


No doubt being overweight is a bothering issue for today’s children but overcoming it through dieting is not the right way to become slim. Children aged between 13 to18 are becoming highly conscious about their physical appearance, and a desire to flaunt a leaner frame is making them choose an unhealthy way to attain the same. The place of a fully fledged nutrition diet is taking up by the fad diets. This fad diet is low in calories but contains strict guidelines to follow. Relying on this kind of dieting can give them the desired result in a short span but have many hazardous effects on the health of the children.

Nutritional Deficiency

The most dangerous aspect of dieting in children is the inadequate supply of nutrients to the children in their growing age. This may hamper the normal mental and physical development of the children resulting in a stunted stature. A balanced diet that contains protein required for muscle growth and other body structures, calcium for bones, vitamins and minerals for the body to function properly is a crucial requirement for the overall development of the teenager.

Eating disorders

Many children tend to skip meals in an attempt to stay slim but unfortunately they end up overeating later to make up for the calorie loss. To get rid of this excess food they vomit, this disorder is called bulimia. Frequent vomiting can cause damage to the food pipe and kidneys, swelling of the salivary glands, gum and tooth diseases and severe dehydration. Children sometimes start themselves to get the desired outcome on their body and fall prey to a condition called anorexia.

Weak immune system and other disorders

A body which is devoid of nutrient supply becomes weak and susceptible to diseases. There is a chance of having a heart ailment at an early age because the body is not getting good cholesterol when the normal fat consumption is cut down. Children become anemic which can interfere with the attention skill and can result in poor concentration.

Psychological disordered

Children remain very self conscious and have low self esteem if being skinny is their concern. They look up to the celebrities with perfect body as their role model and continuously strive to be like them. There is unnecessary stress related to their weight even if they have a normal body weight according to their age.

Overweight is something that is handled best by a dietician, doctor or parents. Children take a wrong route and hurt their own health through their strange diet choices. A teenager should be taught that weight can be controlled through a diet that is adequate and balanced, the safest way to stay fit. A proper diet and physical activity are a foremost requirement in the building years of children. The teenagers of today have a schedule that could be as busy as that of an adult, moreover they are in their growing stage hence It is important to realize the advantages of calorie in their diet which is the only way of providing energy to them to keep them going. Fad diet, crash dieting, diet pills can cause deficiency related disorders whose ill effects can bring imbalance to the normal development of the body and thus should never be followed to stay healthy and in shape.


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