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A Physician Is A Holistic Healer

December 18, 2012  by: Paulose  Points: 20   Category: Health    Views: 514

Medical profession is divine. It protects health and restores life. But in modern lifestyle, medical health science and medical people have become more commercial oriented. Most of them have lost their spirit of service due to so many reasons in the changing lifestyle. A physician is a holistic healer.


There can be no doubt in considering that medical profession is divine. Medical professionals are involved in promoting, maintaining and restoring human health through their studies, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases. They are holistic healers. They heal and protect body, mind and soul.

The noblest profession of a physician

In ancient times physicians were considered as the representatives of God on the earth. Since the time of Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, every registered physician takes an oath when he enters into this noble profession that he/she promises to try not to harm anyone and to prescribe medicines to the best of his/her abilities, and to never give medications that could be used to poison someone or to cause a woman to abort a child. The profession of a physician is the greatest Dharma according to Ayurvedic system.

Patient is not a mere physical structure

Man is not what he is seen in his physical body. He is more that. He is an identity with body, mind and soul. Patient care does not mean to write some prescription or give some medicine and send him off. It means the social, emotional, spiritual as well as physical restoration of a human being. Medical service mostly helps physical restoration and spiritual care and holistic care help in the social, emotional and spiritual realms of a patient.

Life is happy when basic needs of life are met with

Life is very precious. When the basic needs of life are met, it makes a life happy. What are the basic needs of life?

Abraham Maslow says that there are five types of basic needs in life.

1) Physical needs: food, clothing, shelter, rest, etc.

2) Security needs: Every human life needs security or safety from dangers. Protection, livelihood, medical facility, etc.

3) Social needs: belongingness, need to love and to be loved, friendship, etc.

4) Psychological needs: freedom, esteem, respect, etc.

5) Self-actualization needs: self-development, achievement, etc.

A person is happy when these basic needs are met with.

A patient and the basic needs

When a person becomes sick, he is affected not only in his physical body, but also in mind and soul. The entire person -holistically- becomes sick. A medical center or a hospital is meant to provide a holistic care to a patient. A patient is healed fully only when the entire person is healed.

How can a holistic healing be provided?

Health means good relationship. It is complete in every dimension of life. When relationship is disturbed it becomes dis+ease(easeless with relationships). The disturbance can be within a person, with others, or with the Creator.

A sense of guilt and feeling of uselessness creates diseases both in a person and in a society.

A healer and a healing place should be able to build up or restore relationships. Healing refers to satisfactory response to be healed and to be encouraged to accept what cannot be healed.


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