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Holidays- a craving season for togetherness

December 19, 2012  by: Paulose  Points: 15   Category: People    Views: 1210

The holiday season has already started. Santa has started his journey with his eight reindeer sleigh. Moods and movements of people are getting busier. Holiday spirit has creeped into the minds of all- young and old. What makes the holiday season most enjoyable?


Holiday season has begun all over the world. People are planning to make the season most enjoyable. Markets are busy to make it more “Marry Thrift-mas” and fulfill the Christmas lists of people. Little children are dreaming about the surprise gifts that Santa will be filling in their socks. Many of them have already written letters to Santa with the list of their most favorite gifts, providing Santa choice to make his work easier.

What makes the holiday most enjoyable? A Survey in my village

Recent survey in my village Stow with the question “What do you enjoy most about the holiday season?”, brought out many interesting answers from people. Pastor Rev. Jill A.Smith said, “Celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ and eating yummy food” makes it most enjoyable. Jackson Shatraw, Director of materials management expressed his opinion, saying, “What I love most about the holidays is the time with family, the smell of good food and laughter of the children.” Jason Fugitt, Communications coordinator told, “I enjoy time with family and friends the most. My wife and I always enjoy sharing in wonderful traditions we will always carry with us.” Gregory Hullinger, Business owner, said, “I love the opportunity to be with my family and the chance to focus on the true meaning of Christmas.”

Holidays- a craving season for togetherness

The above opinions of the people express the craving for togetherness. People want to be with their loved ones. They want to enjoy time with them.

Modern world, technologically advanced, is more depressed and lonely than ever in the past. Although modern inventions try to socialize more through social networking sites such as MySpace and Facebook, they are unable to bring the members of a society closer, leaving individuals crave for more closeness and physical presence. Families, which are supposed to be the nucleus of society, suffer separation and loss. But the innate nature of man craves for the nearness of someone who loves. Holidays increase this craving for togetherness, to be in union with our folk, friends and others.

God craves for His holiday togetherness

God also has the same craving for being together with man. He loves humanity so much that He never wishes to be separated from humans. He loves humanity so much that He came down on the earth to live with man. He came down to be united with the cravings, feelings and emotions of man.

God came down to share everything with man. Yes, God craves for His holidays to be with humanity. He caves to make humanity happy by His presence. He craves to share some treats, drinks, and hopefully good laughs that people can share with Him and others. He craves to see humanity to be united in real love.

Everyone longs for holidays. Holidays are the days of expectation. Christmas holidays are for sharing love with one another. It is the season to nestle together in warm company. It is to fill hearts with happy memories.


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