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Quick remedies for common health problems

December 20, 2012  by: deepa  Points: 8   Category: Health  Earning $0.15   Views: 546

We often have common health problems like colds, fever and infections. The tips provided below are time tested and true.


1. Vitamin C is very effective in reducing the symptoms of cold and flu. Eat a sweet lemon or drink a little lemon juice mixed with honey. The antioxidants in lemon will help increase immunity and revive energy.

2. Crush Tulsi (holy basil) leaves and take it with a spoon of honey. Tulsi is very good for throat itching and infections.

3. Green juice is good for reducing weight effectively. Green juice can be made by juicing vegetables like spinach. This juice does not have any side effects. A diet can be adopted which includes green juice too. This will minus the need to stay off food to reduce weight. The vitamins and minerals present in the juice will help reduce weight within a short time.

4. Fix a timetable for eating. Eating at the same time every day will help the body remain satisfied with the foods that you eat without having cravings.

5. Practice Yoga asanas that are simple and maintain weight.

6. Practice meditation that is good for both mind and body. Avoid junk food. Avoid reading or viewing films that excite the nerves. Such things only help to raise the blood pressure.

7. Speak in a sweet humble voice. Shouting and bursts of anger will reduce one's lifetime.

8. Eat crystal sugar along with pepper crumbs to ease cough and reduce colds.

9. Inhale vapor from water boiled with eucalyptus drops. This will help reduce the cold.

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