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Schools Should Become Healthy Nurseries of Leaders

December 20, 2012  by: Paulose  Points: 17   Category: Social Studies    Views: 641

Schools are the places where future of humanity is shaped. They can produce good leaders as well as bad terrorists who can destroy the whole humanity. A leader is shaped by the schools and the society. Modern market-culture schools and society should look into this danger hanging on the destiny of humanity.


In this world of Internet and computer era the role role of schools have become more important. The social structures are undergoing new changes in the evolving world culture. Fight for freedom and power is growing in new dimensions. Might is right is gaining more popularity. Accountability, justice and moral values that have been the pillars of the social structures are being neglected. In this situation, school education has more responsibility in shaping good citizens of future world.

Importance of leadership

Schools today have to deal with the growing problems of healthy, social, and emotional development of the students. Both teachers and parents have to work upon them. Students who come away from homes are involved in the training of shaping themselves to adjust with others. It is here that the role of leadership begins to shine. Leaders are shaped in schools. Schools are not in the mental-health or social-service business, but they are to shape the destiny of each student by bringing out the talents and skills hidden in them. It is there that they learn responsibility and accountability. The innate instinct of leading others and exercising control over people and resources is trained and shaped in good schools. Capturing leadership and power has become the mantra of modern social world. That is the reason why people seek for standard schools.

Leadership in modern world

Modern world is growing more democratic. Liberal thoughts and advanced technology of media have made things more challenging. Everyone wants to be the leader irrespective of his/her qualities. Democracy is based on equality and merit. But in the practical world we see contradiction of the basic democratic principles when family members of leaders are projected to grab power with selfish motives and through unjust methods. People also are mesmerized by the false hopes and promises of these selfish leaders and succumb to accepting them as their leaders who turn out to be dynastic leaders in the name of consensus and party discipline. People are purchased by ambitious leaders with money,
promises of special positions and privileges. Merits of real leaders are sidelined. As a result, democracy is made a mask to fool people.

Importance of leadership training in schools

If the modern society wishes the survival of real democracy a democratic education with emphasis on ethical principles is the only way to prevent the manipulation of selfish leaders. Schools should come forward to train and shape real leaders at the grassroot level. They should motivate students with real patriotism. They should make them understand others. They should be trained so that power and position should not alienate them from the common people. Only a mind of service can achieve this.

Place of role models in schools

Schools are the places where role models of leaders are projected. They are moral leaders who are not bothered about power and position. They are not bothered about publicity. They should be the grass root level role models of leadership who are visionaries built upon ethical principles. Such leaders are needed in the modern days.

It is deplorable that schools in the modern world are losing their traditional values of education and are growing more commercial oriented. Leadership training is being neglected in such market-driven schools. Teachers, parents and schools have a big responsibility to promote moral leadership in growing generations.


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Schools Should Become Healthy Nurseries of Leaders
Schools are the places where future of humanity is shaped. They can produce good leaders as well as bad terrorists who can destroy the whole humanity. A leader is shaped by the schools and the society. Modern market-culture schools and society should look into this danger hanging on the destiny of humanity.

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