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Blaming to whom!!!

December 24, 2012  by: sanjay  Points: 12   Category: People  Earning $0.30   Views: 1025

The article is all about the past time of cast division and it consequences''''


Society adduces itself an integral bond to represent its power that is support, affinity among all creatures. The word "SOCIAL SYSTEM", keep an eye on (or vice versa) cultural aspects i.e. traditions, behavioural traits and pattern, which help us to bear one -another's fault within the society. This is a medium through sentiments, love and affection to find suffice satisfactory collaboration to get peace and respect regarding profession and inviduality. A new arrived neighbour in the society never feel any fright to be murdered or any physical harm in a normal case, however he is purely unknown to the others.

The oldest civilization, Indus Valley Civilization showed the very first social sign. Before 5000 BCE, they had learnt to behave and to follow rules for the sake of "PARHIT"(For the sake of others' welfare). TO the world's perspective, "Book of the deads" and "Codes of the Hammurabi" are the remarkable slice which distinguish two contrasting features - "What to do!!!" and “What not to do!!!”, if we express this in a simple way. Having excavated the Harrapa and Mohan Jodado, in 1920 by Sir John Marshall, the fact came into light that those people were divided into four categories in respective of their vocation. The category was- Learnt person, Warriors, Business persons and the labour class. It was a spontaneous axiom followed by all.

Who created this? When it was created? Probably nobody knows. Only we know that society was comprised of all these rules, which begot satisfaction to all. After thousands of year passed, we came to know about Vedas, which is now a day’s known and respected as a supreme and divine power. The reason behind this division theory by their profession may be to built planning and policies for the welfare and development likewise at contemporary stage; census is made to make policies for the diverse group.

But adagio, the brawl for getting supremacy, harmony among people got stretched and blurred. Two most powered castes (Brahmin and warriors) claimed as it was their primary right to rule over rest of two, (especially labour class, known as shudra now a days) caste in the name of Vedas, Upanishads, Shruti and spiritual powers. Although in these religious books we can find depiction of caste system/Varna vyavastha, where we human started playing our game by turning and astraying the philosophy of Vedas accordingly to get personal leisure and comfort. Brahmin showed their intelligence and purities (which is just a dogma) to get respectable place, while warriors/kshatriya (the king and minister's lobby) uplifted their social and economic status. The consequences suppressed the lower castes and created deep inevitable valley amid common people. The most harming issued came out with some absurd questions over the authencity of the Vedas' values.
We must understand the fundas of human society that it is accompanied by two laws;
1) The principle or laws 2) application

The laws/principles are made actually to run society smoothly by giving equal opportunities to all, whereas applications are governed under the people by the people as it is flexible.

Principles are made eclectically but application varies time to time and person to person according to the ease. No laws, no application, organization, men, women, children, religion, caste, caste system is pseudo but our individual desires, motives, non abstinence, tainted blood and circumstances up to some extent. We dispute and get apart with the kind and generous help of our selfishness, attitude and thought of upgrading the virtual and absurd status in society.


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Blaming to whom!!!
The article is all about the past time of cast division and it consequences''''


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