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Create webpage by using HTML

December 28, 2012  by: Joseph  Points: 12   Category: Web design  Earning $0.20   Views: 968

A webpage can be created by using html language. It is easy to create webpage with HTML and notepad. This article is about how to create a webpage with html.


A web page can be designed or created by different ways. You can use photoshop,dreamweaver etc to create a webpage. A webpage can be created by HTML language also. That i am going to discuss here.
Hyper text markup language is shortly known as HTML. It consist of 2 components hypertext and markup. Hypertext help you to collect information by connecting different parts of information together. While Markup is the special code that makes the browser how the parts of document are to be processed in it.
Starting with an example

[TITLE] Creating a webpage [/TITLE]
[BODY] This is my first webpage that i am going to create with html. [/BODY]

This is a simple example of a html document which create a webpage with a title and content. Let me explain the function of every line. Every html tags are known by elements. Below is an example of a html document written in notepad.

Step 1:

- This HTML element is used to begin the html document. All the html document are started and ended with this element. It provide the information to the web browser that it is a html document. In the above html example the document is started and ended with HTML element.

Step 2:

- As like the name this element is used to explain the header information. This is the starting and ending of a head element. Head element represent title,keywords etc. What we write in between this opening and closing head element will not display on the document.

Step 3:

- Before writing a content it require a title which have to show in the title bar. For writing a title to a document the title element is using. It is written within the head element. The title that you write will show in the web browsers title bar not in the above of the content. The maximum character to write title is 64.

Step 4:

- In between this 2 opening and closing body elements where you can write the content to display in the webpage. You can write paragraphs, sentence etc in between this element to show it in the webpage.
This is how you can write a html document or creation of a webpage. When you write content in the body element you can use the writing also.


To write something in bold style write that in between [ B].................[/B] . The content will display in bold style.


To write content in italic style write the content between [ I]............[/I] . The content will show in italic style.


To write a content that need an underline write the content between [ U]...............[/U]. The content will display with an underline.
This is how you can create a webpage.

Display Webpage

Now we can look at where to write the html codes and how to display it in web browser as webpage. Below is an example of a webpage which is created with html and displayed in browser

Step 1:

Click the start button and go to all programs, click in the accessories and open notepad.

Step 2:

Write the html codes in the notepad and save it as like name.html.

Step 3:

Open your web browser and click the file menu and then click Open. Give the location of the html file that you saved.

Step 4:

Open (in the browser) the html file that you saved .

Now you can see the webpage that you created using HTML. You can also a create a website in this format if you add all the webpage as root folders. But it will not be easy. All the best.


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