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When Santa Claus of Christmas Meets Mahabali of Onam

December 28, 2012  by: Paulose  Points: 14   Category: Inspirational Stories    Views: 589

Mahabali(Maveli) of God’s own country(Kerala) greets Santa Claus of Christmas with a Namaste. Santa Claus replies him with a hello. Mahabali visits his country Kerala during the festival of Onam and makes them happy. Santa meets everyone during Christmas and gives gifts to make everyone happy. Both of them are interested in the welfare of people.


Santa Claus visits the world during Christmas in his red suit with white fur trim, stocking cap, pants with a wide buckled belt and with his typical boots. Mahabali appears everywhere in Kerala(South India) in the traditional costumes of a typical South Indian king, with a crown on his head and scepter in his hand. Santa and Mahabali visit people to make them the happiest on this earth.

Onam the South Indian festival of Mahabali’s visit

Malayali people all over the world, irrespective of caste and creed, celebrate the festival of Onam. Malayali people of Kerala celebrate Onam, their most important and colorful festival, with traditional gaiety and fervor. They commemorate the mythical past of their country with everything in plenty and a peaceful and prosperous life of equality. They commemorate the golden days of King Mahabali who ruled Kerala in ancient days. There was no scarcity in their uncorrupted and prosperous life.

Malayali people decorate their homes and temples with floral decks to welcome the mythical King Mahabali. Onam is the thanksgiving festival of Kerala celebrated in September for ten days, after the harvest season. In the recent decades, Onam has assumed a secular dimension and people of all castes and creeds join together to make the occasion most entertaining with delicious dinners, cultural programs and public festivities. Sharing joy with all is the main theme of Onam.

People arrange floral designs (Athapookalam) to welcome Mahabali as people in the west have Christmas tree with decorations and gifts. No wonder that Malayali people consider Mahabali as the Kerala version of Santa Claus.

Christmas is the season of Santa’s visit

Santa visits all and shares love through distributing gifts. All people, especially children, are very eager to welcome Santa. They sing songs and enjoy the visit of Santa.

When Santa meets Mahabali

When Santa meets Mahabali he has plenty of stories to tell him. His heart is sad with bleeding feelings about the “gun culture” of modern days. He is very sorry to wear the red coat which reminds him of the merciless shooting at 20 innocent children whom he loves most.

Mahabali also shares with Santa about the unending corruption and everflowing “liquor culture” in his so called “God’s own country”.


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