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Summer Santa in Swimming Suit

December 28, 2012  by: Paulose  Points: 12   Category: Inspirational Stories    Views: 533

The title may be surprising or misleading. But it is cent percent true. Can you imagine Santa wearing a swimming suit during the festival of Christmas in the month of December? Have you ever imagined about this? If you think of the people around the world you cannot be surprised of this truth.


Santa and Christmas festival are inseparable. Santa goes around the whole world during this season. He and his team should be the busiest people in the whole world in December. He has to travel from the North Pole to the South Pole visiting all people with his heaviest gift bags. Will Santa and his team change their dresses as they have to pass through different countries with different climates?

Santa has to travel in different climates

Santa is wearing the heavy strawberry colored coat. He and his flying reindeer team, including the jolly elves, have to fly on his sleigh cart throughout the entire world in one night, giving gifts to all the children. They have to climb up and down the chimneys distributing gifts through the black soot and the hot fire.

In the north it is freezing cold during Christmas. In most parts of the northern hemisphere it is cold winter. Santa’s traditional heavy dresses are all right until his team reaches the equator. Beyond that the climate changes into summer. No more cold winter and heavy dress.

In the southern hemisphere, it is acute summer in December. There are millions of Christians in those areas who celebrate Christmas in summer. Yes, people in almost half of the globe celebrate Christmas in summer. Just imagine the Christmas dresses of people in those regions.

Why does Santa wear summer suit and swimming dress?

When Santa passes on to the countries in the southern hemisphere, it is unsuitable to depict him in his usual heavy fur coat.

Christmas is universal. Santa is recognized as a universal person of the festival. Heavy red coat can be admitted in the cold regions of North America, Europe and Asia. But what about the regions in Australia, South America, Africa and other places in the southern hemisphere which are hot in December?

Santa in the southern hemisphere

In fact, Christmas cards from Australia and other southern regions depict Santa and his team in summer dresses and swimming suits of the season. People from Europe and North America who settled in Australia were shocked at their first Christmas to find Santa, “Hanging tinsel on a palm tree, using a surfboard instead of a sleigh and cards of kangaroos in festive hats instead of cartoon snowmen”. You can imagine how a country in the south can celebrate Christmas during a hot summer.


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