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Changing Relationships

January 01, 2013  by: ushakiran  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.80   Views: 1012

Change is the only thing that is permanent in life...everything changes around us including our relationships with other people!


Change is inevitable

Change in relationships between close family members is a natural process of life. In the case of many people there is a failure to understand this and they expect people to remain the same all through their life, although they themselves may have undergone a change in their perceptions and the way they deal with people around them. Change as we all know and accept, is a part and parcel of our life too and we have to be practical and look at it from all sides before taking any decision when we see some change in others. It is a cycle that all human beings have to go through and one should understand this and deal with as practically as possible , that way either side can remain peaceful and happy .

Of course relationships change in many ways with our close family members and friends too, but as long as it remains positive it only enhances and makes life happy. In fact we can see it happening with relatives - some of the times things change for the better but when there are property and money matters involved the impact may be negative and the relationship suffers.

Between Husband and Wife

As we grow older we also become more experienced and mature and the net result is a change in our perception . As long as couple grow together and appreciate this fact it helps their bond grow stronger. But this also can cause friction with one of the partners not liking the change or because the change in their personality has not contributed positively to the marriage. So any change within a marriage should be definitely positive otherwise it can cause problems.

I have known cases where a woman became more independent financially , which was resented by the husband and caused a lot of problems, here, as far as I can see there was lack of communication. If the couple had discussed the issue of a wife working and earning there would have been no problems since it is a joint decision.
Similarly, when the children grow older there are bound to be tension because of the generation gap and there can be testing times for both. Teenagers can be very difficult to handle and it can also prove to be a difficult time for the parents since their own relationship comes under fire at times when they take sides.

Parent children relationship

In many households parents and children have strained relationships because of a number of reasons .Many parents fail to realise that their children have become mature and thinking individuals and are able to make their own decisions. I know of a case where a mother is constantly complaining about her two children who according to her talk back to her and argue which they never did when they were younger. In fact when the son wanted to move into his own place which is closer to his work spot and convenient she was unable to take it and thought that he was defying her and does not care for her any more little realising that he is an individual in his own right and is able to make his own decision especially regarding something that concerns his career and something related to that. However, it does not mean that his love for her has become less, in fact being older and mature the mother should accommodate them and see it from the son’s point of view.

We need to give space in any relationship including when it concerns our children. What is important is that your children are making their own place in the world and being responsible, nothing else matters !dealing with grown up children has to be done with sensitivity and care because they need our support and love. One can develop a rapport right from the early years which really helps as they grow older.Most parents only think of dominating and controlling their children without realising that after they grow up they are free thinking individuals in their own right. Most parents are demanding and possessive of their children little realising that it is only going to make matters worse for both themselves and the children as well, you end up having friction all the time, but with a little understanding it is possible to lead happier lives.

Most parents should be wise and think about their own past and their own behavior with their parents. Also, never take what you underwent as a yardstick since things may be quite different between you and your children with changed circumstances. Parents are not sure when to let go and many parents make their children the center of their universe and find it difficult to cope when they become independent and by the time understanding dawns on them it may be too late and they may have spoilt the relationship by clinging too much, that’s why it is better to be realistic and let go! When there is love and that special bond nothing would take it away.

Between Friends

Here too we get to see changes as we grow older and have more responsibilities. During school and college days we share a carefree relationship with our friends and it is all about getting together, going to a movie or just hanging out together and having fun. In fact for most people that is the best period of one’s life when there were not many responsibilities to shoulder.

With career and marriage , the entire perspective and priorities change and one’s own family becomes more important with added responsibilities. Friends will be there but you are unable to devote the same kind of attention or time to them. You may meet each other with families so your kind of interaction too changes.

It is the same everywhere in life. We all change and so do our various relationships. Once we give due importance to this fact and balance out our relationships it is not difficult to make the best of it.

Author: Paulose        
Posted Date: 01/05/2013    Points:2    

Very interesting post about relationships. Relationships are strained in the modern lifestyle. People have changed visions in looking at relationships. Very neat display of relationships in India. Thank you Usha.
Author: Abhijit Bangal        
Posted Date: 01/06/2013    Points:3    

The one thing I really appreciated about your article is the sixth paragraph. The beginning was very striking, that we need to give space to every relationship. I totally agree with you. We need to respect every relation that we can. But I suggest we should have only those relations that we can keep. Just going about with mere relations will not be of use if we cannot respect them.

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