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Love Your Family: Today Is Global Family Day

January 03, 2013  by: Paulose  Points: 20   Category: Inspirational Stories    Views: 623

Bells chime and clocks tick, informing the world about passing of a year and the starting of another New Year. January 1 is observed as the Global Family Day. The very first day of the year comes a s a challenging reminder to everyone of the global world to turn back and look at the condition of the modern families.


Another New Year has started with a request or reminder that “I Love My Family” should be the New Year resolution of everyone. Family is the nucleus of society and the whole humanity. But it is the one neglected everywhere, especially in the modern lifestyle. Pleasure of sex has replaced the noble value of love. Greed has replaced the highest values of human sharing and social friendship. Earning by shortcuts or indirect methods of injustice has replaced moral the values of social survival. Deserting family life and demanding divorce for simple reasons have become the trend of modern lifestyle.

Recent sad events reflect the shattered condition of modern family life

1) The whole world is mourning today. America is mourning, shocked at the shooting massacre of 26 innocent lives by a man, perverted in life lacking love in a shattered family.

2) India is mourning on this day at the cruel death of an inhuman rape incident resulted from a gang that could never taste the values of family life.

3) Everyday fresh shocking news are coming in, revealing the ever increasing horrendous and savage cruelties of violence in the world.

4) Growing number of abortions shows that lust is preferred to love. A child, the fruit of true love, is abandoned easily for selfish reasons. Is it not an evidence for the degraded condition of family life?

Family life in the modern world

1) The fundamental values of family life have been degraded by the consumerist of selfish lifestyle. The relationship between spouses and between parents and children is misinterpreted.

2) The number of divorces is increasing. Separation of spouses for unworthy reasons has become common. Premarital pregnancy is the fashion of the day. Innocent children are helpless and abandoned.

What does the condition of modern families show?

1) How can there be green leaves of peace and friendship when the roots of family life are being dried up?

2) Growing powers of cruel evil which are threatening the society and the world are coming out of shattered families. These weeds grown in poisoned families are creating great danger to normal family life and to the survival of the whole humanity.

3) Failure of families is affecting every human in the modern world as well as the future destiny of human life.

Importance of a family in the modern world

1) Family is the basic structure of the society. The whole humanity is linked and promoted by family life. Without families human life has no meaning.

2) A man and a woman join together to make a family by their dedicated and selfless love. Family is the structure than can build up a healthy and harmonious Global Family.

On this Global Family Day let the members of a family come together and celebrate the value of family life. Let families of a community come together and share and spread the message of peace and love through strengthening the family life. Global Family Day is not only the celebration of every individual family but also being united in peace and sharing with the rest of the world which has shrunk into a single global family today.

Author: Abhijit Bangal        
Posted Date: 01/07/2013    Points:4    

Here is another nice piece of information from you. I wonder how you managed to write such a lovely article. As far as families are concerned, I am a family oriented person and my family comes first for me. The bonding that I have with all the family members keeps us united and there''s a lot to share at such times. You are right - a family is the basic structure of our society and a lot depends on how a family in the society is. The values are very important and they can be seen only in true families.

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