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With a Great Sigh, Slips the Year 2012

January 03, 2013  by: Paulose  Points: 17   Category: Inspirational Stories    Views: 597

With a great sigh of relief, the year 2012 is slipping into history. Only a few more hours to come to the end of the year. It had been a year of challenges and trials. It had been a year of achievements. It had been a year of new records.


The year 2012, which according to the so-called predictions of the Mayan Calendar was expecting a Doomsday, is passing into the history of the past. It had made many indelible marks in the pages of history.

There were many achievements which have marked new beginnings to move the future into more enlightenment. There were many sad incidents that warn the world to be careful in future. There were certain improvements in some fields where the world had been struggling in the previous years.

2012 was a year of achievements

1) Humanity could move forward with new scientific achievements made in 2012. There had been remarkable achievements in space research, electronic devices, geographical discoveries, and medical researches.

2) NASA’s landing on Mars has seen the greatest achievement in human history. When
Curiosity Rover successfully landed on the red planet Mars in August, the whole world was stunned at the achievement of NASA. It had been a great dream of the past. It will surely be a great turning point in space research and human development.

3) California’s SpaceX, a private company, became the first private company to successfully fly a spaceship to the International Space Station.

4) Driverless cars were operated on roads and Nevada, Florida, and California states passed laws allowing self-driving cars on their roads.

5) Discovery of the “diamond planet” in October will surely be an achievement in turning carbon into diamonds.

6) The Olympic Games that were held in August at London created many world records.

2012 was a year of sighs and tears

1) School shooting at Newtown, Connecticut and the raping of a medical student in India which ended in her death shook the whole world in 2012. There had been many of such incidents which prove that the world is heading towards an unbridled culture. They are evidences for the breakdown of discipline and law.

2) The prank hoax call of the Australian DJs ended in the death of a devoted nurse. This is another incident to prove that killing and annoying others has become a fun of the day.

3) Natural calamities such as Superstorm Sandy caused much damage to the world.

4) Economically also the world has been passing through periods of trials. Problems such as unemployment and unsteady economy are still threatening the world.

Although the year 2012 has been a year of trials and tribulations, humanity has not lost its hope of survival. It is with a sigh of relief and with a confident spirit that the world is passing on to the dawn of the New Year 2013.
Happy and Prosperous New Year Wishes to all.

Author: Abhijit Bangal        
Posted Date: 01/07/2013    Points:4    

This is the third article that I am reading written by you in this session. I must say, the year 2012 was too bad for me. I have heard many other people say the same thing. I don''t know why it was not good for other people, but I had some physical problems along with my father when we met with an accident in February last year (2012). Some problems also persisted with my online work. And things didn''t go out as I planned for some other things. Yes, I have to sigh and say that the year''s gone once and for ever.

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