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Melissa Can Soothe Your Heart and Heal Your Wounds

January 04, 2013  by: Paulose  Points: 15   Category: Health    Views: 518

If internally used, Melissa can soothe your heart treating your nervous disorders and externally used, it can heal your wounds and treat herpes. This wonder herb Melissa is well known in the US as lemon balm. It can also treat various other diseases.


Melissa, the common name of a female child derived from Greek mythological origins, refers here to denote a very common herb planted to attract bees. Botanically called Melissa Officinalis, Melissa herb has many other names: lemon balm in the US, and Sweet Mary, honey plant, cure all, etc. in other places. It is commonly found in gardens attracting bees with its delicate smell of lemon. Ancient Romans and Greeks were using this herb for healing wounds. Alternative medicinal systems have been using it for various ailments and problems, such as stomach upset, nervous troubles, insomnia, and so on. Modern medical world is using it as creams and ointments to inhibit herpes virus.

Melissa can soothe your heart

1) For many centuries the herb Melissa or lemon balm was used to soothe tension and anxiety. The volatile oil extracted from this herb can relieve your nervous agitation and keep you calm. It contains chemicals that relax muscles and relieve pain.

2) Melissa has antiviral properties. Orally taken, it can also free you from gastrointestinal complaints and menstrual cramps.

3) Melissa has sedative or depressant action. It has been effective for solving insomnia or sleeping problems by providing you a good sleep.

Melissa can heal your wounds

1) Modern medical world is using Melissa for its predominant power of blocking virus from attaching to cells. Its ability to inhibit herpes virus and calming effects has been known for centuries.

2) German Researchers have shown that Melissa contains polyphenols, which can help significantly in the treatment of cold sores and other viral infections. Its power to combat the herpes simplex virus keeps the body free from spread of infections.

3) Treatment with Melissa cream has been effective in healing blisters and lesions.

Various other uses of Melissa

1) Melissa can even boost the brain power and help students in their academic activities. Prevention Magazine from UK has reported about the studies by Northumbria University stating that lemon balm can keep students calm during the tests and improve their performances.

2) Melissa has been more effective with other herbs such as valerian.

Melissa can be a great boon to modern health. More studies are still going on to bring out all the benefits of this wonderful herb Melissa.


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