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History: Known and Unknown

January 04, 2013  by: Paulose  Points: 16   Category: Social Studies    Views: 758

History is very important in shaping future. History has two sides: open and buried. We call the buried history and unseen history as pre-historic. What is known to the world is very little. What has been buried and lost is a very large one. Modern world is trying to find out the unknown historical facts through archeology and other methods.


History is very important because the present in which we live and experience in the present is the result of the past. Every present becomes history in the past. We cannot understand the present fully and plan for the future unless we know the past. It is fitting to mention here the words of William Lund, “We study the past to understand the present; we understand the present to guide the future.”

History has two sides;known and unknown. We have the recorded history in chronological order. But we have lost much of the past in so many ways. We have to discover the mysteries of this prehistoric past.
Archaeology is a reliable gateway to discover the past. It complements the known history and fulfills the purpose of studying history.

What is archaeology?

It is the buried past brought to light by human efforts. The buried past of the human history has been a fascinating mystery. The traces left by the humans who lived on this earth since their existence and the treasures and secrets left by them have been luring the curiosity of the later generations. People were amazed to find wonderful worlds lying beneath under their feet when they happened to dig to dig those hidden worlds. The human endeavors that led to uncover these hidden worlds is the science of archaeology.

Is archaeology very important?

1) Archaeology is an important science of the past. Story of man of any time belongs to the whole humankind of all the times. It is an innate desire to know the origins of the ancestors and the cultural inheritance.

2) Archaeology can trace the story of every human accurately. It may differ from the written story of the past. It tells everything to verify and enhance the details of the written stories.

3) Archaeology tells not only the story of the past generations, but also it can provide authentic proofs regarding the environmental changes, trade distribution, natural calamities that changed the course of human lives, population fluctuations, technological developments, etc.

Scientific support for archaeology

1) Modern development of science and technology helps very much in penetrating and excavating the past.

2) Collaboration of scientist belonging to various branches comes together under one umbrella to establish a new approach for teasing out clues hidden in the soil. Modern science provides new enlightenment in analyzing facts of the past. Various branches of science can find out evidences to unearth great puzzles of the past.

3) For example, when a team of excavators led by Finkelstein and Steve Weiner structural biologists and chemists were working on the ancient Megiddo, the fabled kingdom of David, chemical analysis helped them in distinguishing soil layers which looked identical to naked eye.

Archaeology is a great science that enlightens human destiny through its recovery and interpretation of architectures, artefacts, bio facts, and landscapes. It is a vast and interesting science that can direct humanity towards a better future. It is the study of the past that connects humanity through its search of identity which provides a purpose for its journey of life.

Author: Abhijit Bangal        
Posted Date: 01/13/2013    Points:2    

Some of the great monuments were discovered only due to archaeologists? Am I right? I am not good in history. But I can say that we owe a lot to these archaeologists who are always on the lookout for something new. They dedicate their entire life to some minute findings. They are the real heroes.

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