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First Impressions while Assessing People

January 05, 2013  by: ushakiran  Points: 20   Category: Others    Views: 1075

One can safely say that assessing a person depending on the first impressions is just not wise especially so when the impression has been either negative or positive ..


Assessing people

When we meet strangers for the first time, we do form an opinion or make certain judgments about their personality and nature depending upon the impression they create .There are some cases where our first impressions prove to be the lasting impressions of a person. But is this right ?

But again going by one's experience with people , one can safely say that assessing a person depending on the first impressions is just not wise especially so when the impression has been either negative or positive . It is possible that the person was in a bad mood or in an extremely good mood ,and so at one's worst or best behavior. Hence, it is better to wait for a longer period before coming to any conclusions. We do come across people who seem to be arrogant and unfriendly only to later realise that the opposite is the case, and they were using these traits as a shield to protect their own insecurities .It takes quite a while to actually come to know any person.Most people never reveal all about themselves in the very first meeting with a stranger.
When you go for a f business meeting or an interview , first impressions always do count and decisions are made depending on the impression that an individual makes. But , here too with time people respect you depending on your capabilities . People generally come across as themselves only after meeting and interacting over a period of time under different circumstances and situations.Sometimes people show unexpected sides to their nature and personality during times of stress, may be negative or positive depending on the circumstances.

First impressions need not be lasting impressions

It can also so happen that some people behave in a totally different manner than what you would expect them to, depending on your experience with them. Personally speaking, I have been proved wrong time and again that first impressions are never lasting impressions.

First impressions do tend to make lasting impressions in some cases , but, that is only until there is more interaction between two people ,so, it is not fair to judge a person after meeting him/her just once or even twice or thrice for that matter. At a personal level, it is best that we be honest a bout ourselves instead of trying to create false impressions with strangers.

When we meet certain individuals for the first time we do feel some vibes, either positive or negative or no vibes at all with some. This first impression, does make an impact and might in some cases pave a way for a more meaningful future relationship between 2 individuals .It could also be intuition that makes us get these strong and firm feelings about people that we meet for the first time. Intuition is many a times a sum total of our previous experiences that have been recorded by the sub conscious.

This may not be the true impression of a person. At best, it may give us an indication of an individual's personality and what we could expect from that certain person , but, one cannot base one's judgement wholly on that one first impression. With some people you do feel such strong vibes that it makes a lasting impact, either positive or negative. There are some unexplained factors too, which simply can be categoriesd as chemistry between two individuals.

Over the years I have come to realsie that people can change and do change depending on circumstances, though basic nature does not change. So, it is not right to base our assumptions on first impressions .Some people who I was not too sure about , turned out to be the nicest people ever and vice versa . So it is best to spend time and study people before actually judging them, and this may take a life time , since , we are all constantly changing and evolving depending on our life circumstances and experiences.

There are some rare cases where first impressions carry through all your life. Positive or negative, people remain the same. This happens with rigid personalities who maintain an orderly disciplined life style and do not open up to anyone. They would rather keep their emotions well guarded and secretive. But such cases are rare and do not happen most individuals . We need to treat people with respect and care without being judgmental about them. It is only when we send out positive vibes can we expect the same from them.

To conclude , before assessing people and judging them , one should interact and come to know the person fairly well .Although first impressions might help us in assessing people, it cannot be fully relied upon...


Author: Abhijit Bangal        
Posted Date: 01/05/2013    Points:4    

As soon as I read the words "First Impression" the proverb "First impression is the last impression" came to my mind. And I immediately decided to mention here that, that need not be the case every time. And I read the same topic in your article. That was something great and pleasantly surprising for me. I too believe that the impression can be changed over the time. The funda of "first impression" has become more of a cliche than anything else and we all need to come out of that.

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