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Mind Power by Christian Godefroy

January 05, 2013  by: ushakiran  Points: 25   Category: Others    Views: 1065

The Author Christian Godefroy is a specialist in positive thinking and auto suggestions.The book claims to increase ones creativity, boost ones self esteem,overcome addictions..


Mind Power

This is a book for everyone who want to maximise their potential and take charge of their own destiny.The Author Christian Godefroy is a specialist in positive thinking and auto suggestions. He has given training seminars to over 6000 senior personnel around the world on self-confidence, relaxation and communication. He is also the author of "The Complete Time Management System and Super Health".

About the Book

As the author says somewhere in the introduction What can this book really do for you?

His answer to that -" Most of us have some corner of our lives where we feel we have failed- may be because we have never tried, having been programmed as children to believe that we may not succeed- Mind Power will show you how easy it is to change all this to become more effective and confident, in other words to alter your self image " - A positive approach to situations in life !!

The Book is divided into the following chapters:

Introduction- What this book can do for you

1,The Hidden power of mind

2,How to unlock your real personality

3,How to introduce the state of self hypnosis

4,Get healthy and stay healthy

5,Controlling your habits and addictions

6,How to improve your love life

7,How to develop your memory, creativity and sporting ability

8, Choosing success not failure

Conclusion : You can do anything provided you work towards it!


According to the author the book has been written in a lively conversational style to influence the sub conscious of the readers easily..

The Hidden power of the mind touches upon subjects like the extra ordinary power of sub conscious, and, how our sub conscious works ..

This chapter also includes a very interesting concept 'How are you programmed?' - dealing with self analysis.

How to defend oneself against negative suggestions and developing your positive suggestions and the amazing power of your imagination. There are 42 suggestions in all.

The author summarises - 'Ones life is an accurate mirror of ones thoughts and sub conscious can be programmed with words'.

Here he also dwells on self hypnosis which according to him - ' Hypnosis is a natural state of consciousness which allows one to get in touch with the sub conscious'.

How to induce the sate of self analysis starts with the preparations of relaxation and the ideal time for a session of self hypnosis and certain exercise and gives an account on the importance of relaxation and how to induce self hypnosis and come out of it and different methods of doing it- extremely informative and interesting stuff.

The other chapters touch upon subjects like ' How to influence others and become a leader '- ' How to create a new personality'.

The chapter on health deals with the origin of disease and the secret of self healing, eliminating migraines and overcoming various health problems through mental power.

In the chapter about one's Love life author discusses about generally dealing with one's love life and overcoming the fear of the opposite sex, frigidity etc;

My views about the book

I have read several books on similar subject in the past and most of them give a racy and a sketchy account which on thinking back fails to register or make any impact. But this book is different, simply because it has contents that you can actually introduce into your life and benefit from it.

According to the author if one has the right attitude then it is possible to accomplish anything in life..it is impossible to fail if one puts into use these suggestions..

The book claims to increase one's creativity, boost one's self-esteem, strengthen ones immune system, overcome addictions, and improve ones memory power- all in all make you a super human being- I guess that is going a bit too far! but it does have many benefits..

I liked this book for several reasons, First of all , it makes you think positive which in itself is a step in the right direction enough to boost ones sagging self confidence and ego..Details about self analysis is another very thought provoking and positive approach to one's life. It can help in dealing with people and in dealing with the most difficult situations.

The author writes somewhere about Sincerity " In fact being honest with yourself is the spring board for all progress" and I whole heartedly agree with that.

Whether one can actually have the determination and courage to go in for a session of self hypnosis is debatable, I have not tried it, but it makes for very interesting reading and there are certain parts which can be put into practice. It makes you become more critical about your self and your actions, which is good in the long run..

This is one of those books that makes you think positive, overcome your negative tendencies and analyse your actions, so that you are able to have a better and far more positive dealings with people and situations in general.

The best part of the book has been summed up by the author in quoting this story based on an ancient Hindu legend - " When the gods were looking for a place to hide divinity so that earthlings do not get to use it, after thinking of all places they failed to find any suitable place on either land or in the sea where it would be safe from man. And Lord Brahma (God of wisdom) pondered over this and finally came up with this solution - 'We will hide it in the very depths of man himself, because that is the place he will never think of looking "...

So, Self Exploration is what the author recommends all the readers to indulge in, to be very honest about it, and one can accomplish anything in life

To conclude I personally feel that if one is honest in achieving one's goals and is aware of ones own limitations and dream accordingly one can hope to fulfill dreams and achieve goals..


Author: Abhijit Bangal        
Posted Date: 01/05/2013    Points:3    

That is something great reading of late. After a lot of days I have read something like this. Even I believe in mind power and read various stuff about it. However, I feel one should not strain the power of the mind beyond limit. Everything has got its own limitations and so has the power of the mind too. Good share!

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