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The Only Question Mary Asked Her Son Jesus

January 07, 2013  by: Paulose  Points: 15   Category: Inspirational Stories    Views: 605

Jesus was born on earth as the son of Mary. The birthday of Jesus is celebrated as the greats festival of Christmas. The Sunday following the festival of Christmas is observed as the feast day of Holy Family. Jesus showed the sanctity and uniqueness of family life by submitting himself in a family.


The following Sunday of Christmas is observed in the Catholic liturgy as the feast day of the Holy Family. The gospel of the day narrates the pilgrimage of the Holy Family to the Jerusalem temple. Gospel of Luke describes the “missing incident” of boy Jesus in a very touching manner. Mary is very anxious about her son. Joseph is dumb-founded and is unable to speak anything. (Luke 2: 41-52)

The anxiety of a mother

People went to the Jerusalem temple every year to celebrate the Passover festival. It had been their custom that children can go either with father or with mother. Jesus reached the Temple and slipped into the crowd. Joseph and Mary realize about the missing boy only after going back a “day’s journey” towards Nazareth. then only they come to know that Jesus did not return from the Temple. They go back enquiring about the missing child.
Although Jesus was obedient, imagine their anxiety at the loss of the divine child entrusted to their care. They would have been completely put down. Only an affectionate mom can realize it. It was only on the third day that Joseph and Mary could find Jesus in the Temple. Their agony of search should have been great.

The only question of Mary asked Jesus

Mary had been with Jesus throughout his life. She is seen in many places with him in the gospels. But only in one place she asks him a question. It is the question of a responsible mom. Mary stands as a role model of moms. She teaches the moms that they should be able to ask questions to check what their children are doing. She is certain that her son would not have done something wrong. But it is the duty of a responsible mom to find out the whereabouts of her child. She expresses her great care for the child. She points out that the child has to inform the mom his plan until he reaches a responsible age.
“Son, why have you treated us so? Behold, your father and I have been looking for you anxiously.” (Luke 2: 48)

A lesson to the parents

The question of Mary is a lesson to all moms. In the modern lifestyle, parents do not have time to spend some “quality time” to care for their children. They are rather afraid of their children. They provide everything that their children demand. Children are let free to do anything. Parents do not care to watch the behavior of their children. Such unchecked freedom of children, sometimes mislead the children to indulge into crimes. Such unbridled growth of children cause massacres in the societies.

Recent incidents happening around us tell us the necessity of parental questioning. Parents should realize their accountability in the formation of their children.

Author: Abhijit Bangal        
Posted Date: 01/13/2013    Points:2    

After a lot of days, I had something like to read. No wonder, this story falls in the "Inspirational" category. And it was great that you concluded your article with a note to the parents as well. That shows your practical view too.
Author: Tinu Thomson        
Posted Date: 01/16/2013        

This article is a advice for all parents .
Parents influence the children a lot and they can mold them anyway .
It is responsibility of them to raise their children with good moral & social behaviour .
Good article .

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