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Wish for a Healthier New Year

January 08, 2013  by: Paulose  Points: 15   Category: Health    Views: 688

The New Year is at the dawn. The passing year 2012 is slipping into history with some unhealthy memories. It had been a year of Doomsday. It had smudged the pages of history with blood marks of shootings and massacres. Let us wish for a healthier New Year-- physically and mentally healthier. Resolve to make 2013 healthy in body, mind and soul.


Another year names 2013 is presented to us as a gift. Merriam Webster dictionary defines the word “present” as “something given as a gift”. It is true that every new day or period of time is a great present for us, because “the past becomes history and the future is a great mystery”. The year 2012 was not so healthy in the perspective of individual health and social life. There were many infectious diseases such as meningitis and dengue. There had been increase in epidemics such as AIDS, Ebola, West Nile, SARS, and many other diseases although humanity has been trying to arrest them by modern discoveries.

The health of social life also was affected in many ways. There had been riots, unhealthy struggles, rapings, group killings and massacres. Shooting at innocent children in a Connecticut school, knife attack in a Chinese school and group raping of a medical student at New Delhi are some of the frightening trend of the world’s social health.

Wish for a healthier environment

The earth is more polluted every day, challenging the safety of the ecosystem. When the ecosystem is disturbed it affects human health also. Damage to nature causes damages to human health as well as social life. Nature provides us everything for survival. At least in future, let us understand and take care of the natural world.

Wish for going green for health

Let us wish to make 2013 a Green Year” by going green as much as possible. The New Year can be healthier by following some of these suggestions.

1) By introducing a few changes in our diet, such as minimizing and eliminating refined, processed foods and commercial dairy products, 2013 can be made healthier.

2) Avoiding chemicals as artificial preservatives will reduce stress and unnecessary diseases. This can help the society also.

3) Go green by taking natural remedies as medicines instead of rushing for drugs at over the counter pharmacies. Most of the drugs, promoted by the commercial world, are more harmful to world health.

4) Consumption of more vegetables, fruits, and natural supplements can make 2013 healthier. It enables the healing system in the body to be more active by boosting the immunity power of the body.

Health is the best wealth. Let us aim at a healthier body and a healthier society in the year 2013. Although we do not commit ourselves to New Year resolutions, going green can provide the greatest solution for a healthier future.

Author: Abhijit Bangal        
Posted Date: 01/11/2013    Points:2    

Being and remaining healthy has become the need of the hour for all of us. The huge amounts of pollution and the daily use of autos is adding to the pollution levels hazardously. Greenery is getting out of site. We all need to act today to preserve the environment for a better tomorrow.

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