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Nearer to God and Nature in the New Year

January 09, 2013  by: Paulose  Points: 16   Category: Others    Views: 833

God has blessed us by offering us a New Year. He wants that we should live happily in harmony. Joy is multiplied by a life of love. This New Year calls us for a life of more love. By loving others and nature we love God and move nearer to Him.


Joy is multiplied by a life of love. This New Year calls us for a life of more love. By loving others and nature we love God and move nearer to Him.

Every day dawns with the call for birds from trees, smile of flowers from plants and blossom of nature from colorful scenes. All make the day a great blessing from God and remind us to rise from slumber, to live the day happy and cheerful. Chill winter mornings may keep us tossing in bed. But nature sings the joyful song to wake us up and taste the love of God. The more you taste the love of God, happier your life will be.

How to grow in love of God this year?

If you want to be happier, just try these tips to be nearer to God.

1) Look at nature and enjoy its beauty

Nature is the open book of God’s love. The more you enjoy nature you will wonder at the creation of God. It will bring you closer to Him. Nature follows His norms and glorify Him. If we follow nature’s wonderful secrets we may be able to know of God’s works more. Knowledge is the channel of love. How can you love somebody unless you know him? Spend a few minutes in the early morning to enjoy nature and the great love of God that has offered you that day.

2) Be interested in your faith

Whatever may be your faith or religion, just try to understand more the basic principles of it. For example, Christianity tells about the love of God which made Jesus to live on this earth and preach love. The main commandment of this religion is loving God and others. Jesus showed an example how to live a life of love. Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam and all religions teach mainly about loving God and others.

3) Spend a few minutes in reading some encouraging books

This kind of reading will stimulate the positive energy in you. You need not spend a long time. Just two or three minutes will do.

4) Talk to God and nature

Have a loving talk with nature and God. Thank for the rising sun or the chirping bird. Thank God for your schedules of that day. Religions call this talk by the word prayer. But mere words without your personal emotions or feelings cannot be a prayer. Prayer is just a loving talk with God. It may be praising Him, thanking Him or asking His pardon if you feel something hard in your heart. You need not go to a place of worship to say a prayer, though the place of worship motivates you for prayer.

5) Choose your joy of the day

Try to find out what special joy has God sent you that day. Of course, this joy is around you. It makes you happy throughout the day. It comes from a pursuit of love. Make others happy by showing them acts of love. Little deeds of goodwill can multiply this happiness and keep you joyful.

With fresh dreams of hope the New Year calls you for action. Every call of singing birds, every blossom of flowers, every fresh leaf on the trees and every wave of the morning breeze calls you for a fresh start to live, leaving the past to the past. Moving nearer to God and nature fills your life with joy and peace.

Author: Abhijit Bangal        
Posted Date: 01/09/2013    Points:3    

I really appreciate the thoughts in your article. I was really waiting for some good stuff from you. Of late, I have been following your articles more closely and commenting on them as well. They are written with the pure intention of writing and it shows.
We never have the time to talk to God or the Nature and I guess, it is high time we start doing it. You have expressed some great views here. Really nice.

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