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Chitika- Advertisement program

January 10, 2013  by: Joseph  Points: 12   Category: Blogging  Earning $0.40   Views: 838

Chitika is an advertising program which help the writers and webmaster to earn income from the visitor click of advertisement which they post in your page. This article is about the process of applying for chitika account and earning information.


Sometimes you may heard about the Chitika advertising program. It is like google adsense and it is new mode for earning income for webmaster and writers. The process of applying to chitika is more easier than google adsense. Because in google adsense you required some proofs and need many procedures to join. You can earn money with chitika by your blog or website. The way for applying for chitika and earning is as follows-:

Apply Chitika Account

You must have a blog or website to join in this program. Before applying to chitika you must post articles and other reading topics in your blog or website. Make it best for visitors to read. After that you go to www.chitika.com in there apply a chitika account with your blog or with your website. Wait for the review, if the chitika authorities found your blog or website is good then they will approve it, if not they will reject. They will send an email to you about the result of the review. If your application is approved. You will be lucky to earn money

Earn Income with Chitika

The process of earning income with chitika is they will place some advertising banners in your blog or website. When a visitor visit your blog or website and read your article and click an advertisement. It will be counted in your account. They will pay you approximately 2$ for every 1000 unique clicks. Promote your website or blog will get more visitors. After reaching 10$ you can redeem the money from the chitika account but in google adsense the minimum payout is 100$ which is too high so it is more good . The payment process in chitika is paypal and check. You can connect both Chitika and google adsense in your blog or website no problem for that. Chitika has referring system also.

Chitika have more advantages when we compare chitika and google adsense. The mode of application and advertisement program are very good than google adsense however google adsense is the best and have most successed advertisement program in all over the world. All the best.

Author: Abhijit Bangal        
Posted Date: 01/14/2013    Points:3    

The figures in the second image are very impressive indeed. Are these for real? I mean, are there people who earn that much money on a daily basis? If they are, it is indeed something too huge in my opinion. I am really impressed by that all. I also have Chitika installed for my blog, but I don''t get enough revenue through it. I am really searching how it can be achieved.
Author: Joseph        
Posted Date: 01/15/2013    Points:3    

It is possible if you have much traffic. If your blog has a very good page rank in the search engines, the visitors will automatically flow to your blog. The picture i used above is not mine but it is shown good flow of earnings. It is because the site used for that chitika account has a good page rank and also have big visitors daily. If you can drive traffic like that you can also. I also have a chitika account.
Author: Abhijit Bangal        
Posted Date: 01/15/2013    Points:3    

My first impression was that the image you uploaded above was of your own. I mean, I thought you were earning that high an amount. I don''t know who earns that much. But whoever does it, he is might expert in doing what he is doing. I am also having Chitika ads, but not really earning that much as I said above.

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