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For a Clear Skin - Home Remedies for Preventing Acne

January 12, 2013  by: ushakiran  Points: 25   Category: Health    Views: 1058

Most people think acne as a teenage blight that ebbed as we stepped into adulthood.But it rarely happens that way - not only is it a myth that such breakouts are limited to adolescence, but the number of women visiting dermatologists with complexion complaints is skyrocketing !


There is a lot one can do to stop these breakouts before they start and this can be done without consulting a dermatologist..

The problem of acne

One cannot always cure acne completely in a short period of time, but it can be easily controlled and with time can also be overcome..normally breakouts occur when oil gets trapped in pores plugged with deal skin cells.Among adults it can also be caused by hormonal imbalance .

Most people think acne as a teenage blight that ebbed as we stepped into adulthood.But it rarely happens that way - not only is it a myth that such breakouts are limited to adolescence, but the number of women visiting dermatologists with complexion complaints is skyrocketing ! The problems are many fold for this situation.Stress is one of the major factors since it causes changes in the hormone levels, including a rise in adernal hormones such as cortisol, which can upset the balance of female hormones and trigger breakouts. The other major factor being poor diet and also factors like Career, family, Exhaustion, Pollution and even the constant pressure women have to look good all the time. All the above factors can contribute to stress - induced hormonal fluctuations and imbalances.

But, with all these pressures, there is a lot one can do to stop these breakouts before they start and this can be done without consulting a dermatologist using over the counter medication and some extra skin care at home . All one need to do some research and find the routine that works best for you and one also has to keep at it.
Here, one should be aware that according to many dermatologists acne is not completely curable in most cases.So if you are breakout prone, you have to stick to your prevention regimen even when your complexion is clear otherwise blemishes will be back in a matter of weeks or months.

Prevention Program

The best time to treat acne is before it erupts.The first step is to identify and weed out the common triggers.

According to dermatologists, these include touching your face frequently, repeatedly pressing the phone against your chin, using cheap cosmetics and creams that clog the pores in your skin, also using too many creams and lotions that may work against each other and worsen the condition of your skin.Certain hair promades, shampoos and conditioners can also cause breakouts along the hairline,neck,shoulders and back.

Sun exposure is another major contributing factor. Contrary to popular perception sun only temporarily suppresses acne by drying out the skin. In fact, it actually speeds up cell turnover , thereby accelerating the tendency toward clogged pores within hair folicles where acne originate.

Necessary Steps to be taken

1, Morning Maintenance

Every morning degrease with a gentle non irritating cleansing lotion that will not cause skin rashes. Apply the cleanser after washing your hands thoroughly after which using any non-oily glycolic acid product preferably a gel or an astringent, slough off the dead skin and surface tissues

2,Night time care

Depending on your skins sensitivity select the right product which is an antibacterial benzoyl peroxide product easily available at chemists.Look for a lotion that contains 2.5% upto 10% of this product depending on your skin type.Spread a thin layer of the solution over your entire face,neck especially concentrating on the areas where you are prone to break out !

3, Weekly routine

Steam cleansing your face is very effective and this can be done once a week.After steaming your face cover the skin with a mask that contains sulphur or salicylic acid which can unclog the pores and smoothen your skin.

4, Damage Control

When breakouts do happen, make sure that you don't touch or pick since it can lead to deep scars which are impossible to get rid of at a later stage.

To bring pimples to a head so they resolve faster, apply a warm compress before bedtime , then pat dry the area with a drying mask .

During the day apply some medication like an antiseptic sulphur or any prescribed ointment on the pimples and then apply your normal makeup, better if you could avoid heavy make up for a few days until there is some progress .

When you have deep cyst like blemishes on your face try applying an ice compress, and take an anti inflammatory drug such as ibuprofen to reduce inflammation ,itchy sensation and any pain that may be caused by it.Dab an anti inflammatory mask on the area at night and with all these precautions there will be relief and one can see positive results in a matter of days..

However, if none of these home and over the counter treatments work for you and the results are not seen even after 6 weeks it is to be presumed that you have sever problems that need to be looked into by a dermatologist.Normally, dermatologists consider every single possibility which includes factors like taking certain medications, birth control pills,anti depressants, steroids , the diet one takes etc etc...also hormonal imbalance due to ill health or poor hygiene..


Author: Abhijit Bangal        
Posted Date: 01/13/2013    Points:3    

I am also suffering from frequent skin problems like acne. I really hope these tips will come in handy for me. I have tried many ways, but after some days, the acne surface once again. I really gave up on treating them. But after reading this article, I think I can manage them if I am attempting it sincerely.

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