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Review of Zotac Zbox Nano XS AD11 and Foxconn Nano PC

January 14, 2013  by: Abhijit Bangal  Points: 12   Category: Gadgets  Earning $0.25   Views: 1421

In this article, we will be having a look at a couple of Smart Boxes, namely the Zotac Zbox Nano XS AD11 and the Foxconn Nano PC.


Zotac Zbox Nano XS AD11
The first thing that comes to mind after looking at this gadget is its size. It is only 4X4” and is only about a couple of inches in height. No doubt, it is a small wonder. But a word of caution – don’t go on its size, it is much more capable than how it looks. It is no less than your personal computer and it can bear almost anything that you want it to serve you with. If you attach a mouse and a keyboard, it even becomes your desktop.
The SSD helps in swift booting and it is healthy enough to run Windows 7 without any hassle. However, if you are playing heavier games or using any such heavy imaging or media software, it will slow down a bit. However, playing the Need for Speed: Most Wanted wasn’t all that difficult.
With the Zotac Zbox Nano XS AD11, you can do video calling with Skype. The device comes with Windows Media Center remote control. No question, you have to have Windows installed to use this remote. This reminds us of one important thing – the Zbox doesn’t have any pre-loaded OS on it. Now, isn't that a big problem for those people who are unaware of how to install an operating system or who de-taste doing this?
Now, if you are going to buy a license copy, say, of Windows, you are going to pay more here. As mentioned above, you can work with a mouse and a keyboard with the Zbox, but you might have guessed that you need to buy these two items separately, adding to your costs. In this way, the two of the four USB ports gets usurped by the keyboard and the mouse leaving only the other two to make use of.
The Zotac Zbox comes with 1.65 GHz Dual-Core AMD E45- processor. It has a 2GB RAM and a 64GB mSATA SSD. It is built with a 6-in-1 memory card reader.

Foxconn Nano PC
The Foxconn Nano PC is a gadget with a delicate and a sleek design. There is a blue LED light to indicate that it’s on and running. Another cool thing about the gadget is that it comes with a stand and the device looks great when standing upright. There are as many as four USB ports to the back of the Nano PC. Apart from the built in Wi-Fi, it also has a memory card reader. All this makes the Nano one of the best items for such connectivity purposes.
There is the DVI port as well as audio-out. This allows the Nano PC to be connected to any standard monitor or even to your PC speakers. It gives an excellent audio experience this way. However, the biggest drawback of the Foxconn Nano PC is the same as that of the Nano XS AD11 – it does not come with any pre-installed OS. Though it gives you a choice to select your preferred OS for installing, yet it is one thing that might hardly get a warm response.
Another downside of this device was the inability to play the FullHD MKV videos. The answer from the Nano to playing the games was equally nano. It could hardly run Windows 7 on it. However, Linux Ubuntu performed fine. The Foxconn Nano PC doesn’t include the remote, keyboard or mouse. So, naturally you will have to spend more if you need these items as well.
The Nano PC comes with 1GHz Dual-Core AMD C70 processor and 2GB of RAM. The Nano has a 250GB HDD and also has +4GB of USB Flash Drive. It has a built-in Wi-Fi.


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