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How to create a website

January 14, 2013  by: Joseph  Points: 12   Category: SEO  Earning $0.10   Views: 985

Internet world has millions of websites. Don''''t you ever wondered how to create a website for yourself. This article is about how to create a website easily.



When we simply search a keyword on the search engine like google,yahoo etc we will get lakhs of result from thousands of websites. Have you ever wondered how to make a website. If you have interest and have some little cash to spend not big( only about 5$ to 10$ is enough ) If you have a wish like this follow this steps:-

*Buy a domain name

For starting a website you need a domain name eg: www.yourname.com which none of them where opted. You will have to spend some cash for register a domain name. Some of the websites which help you to register a domain are webs.com, godaddy.com, webnode.com are some of the famous websites which offer domain name. If you are looking forward to buy a free .com site you will never get it from any registry. Some websites like webs.com, webnode.com, hpage.com will offer free domain name but they add there website name in your free domain name eg: yourname.webs.com, yourname.webnode.com etc. So you don't need to pay anything but it is not a valid one. So registering a domain name by yourself is the best.

*Get Hosting

Hosting is next step to build a website. When you register your domain some website may offer you hosting services with it. But Brand storage and disk space have some limitations. When you buy a domain name you need to check the hosting charges and the limitations. Buying web hosting is also available so you can upload files unlimited. As already a mentioned about the free websites it also have hosting service free but it is mostly upto 300MB. So buying a domain with good hosting plan is the best for better use. Site builder also available in certain sites to edit and build your sites.

*Make active

All the site building things are over. Now your duty is to add files and datas into your site. Make a homepage, contact page etc make your site looking like professional sites. If you want to earn revenue you can add your website in google adsense, chitika etc sites for adding advertisements and get paid from it. And many other ways are also possible like affiliating marketing etc. Keep update daily if possible. Add site in search engine to get more visitors and make a social medias fan page is also very useful. All the best

Posted Date: 02/25/2013    Points:1    

even i want to create one but it needs a lot of time to manage it.
and the domain is too costly.
and i don''t know where to find cheap domains.
Author: laratomb        
Posted Date: 09/23/2013    Points:3    

@Manjuprasad Shetty N,
There are many providers who offer domains at low cost combined with the hosting plan.You can approach http://www.9cubehosting.com/ where they provide domain name and hosting at low cost as a combined package.They also provide a beneficial freebie package (which includes website builder SiteStudio) for the user along with their hosting plan.They help to set up our website and manage it.

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