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Last letter

January 14, 2013  by: anil gupta  Points: 12   Category: Others    Views: 848

Husband and wife are two wheels of vehicle. But you always behave like a male and force me to behave like a woman.


I wished to begin letter with dear Sandeep. You feel good. But I could not keep lying to myself. And you like it, you like that, and you do not like it, how long I carry and keep only your happiness. Do you take this letter rubbish or notice of our breakup? Now I do not care it.
I wanted to love you. I wanted to maintain our relationship with heart and lives but you never tried to understand me and my efforts. Husband and wife are two wheels of vehicle. But you always behave like a male and force me to behave like a woman. Husband wife relation never developed between us, because you are male so you are superior and I am, who is educated like you and earning equal to you, is inferior, because I am woman.
I am from pure vegetarian family and I spent 23 years of my life there. But for you I learned non-vegetarian food cooking, and I began to eat non-veg food. Did you try to know my condition when first time I cooked omelet and when I touch chicken?
You had always complained than I could not prepare breakfast like your mother and always served you bread butter. Why you forget that I was also doing job. You also complained that why I cut my hair, why I do not wear saree. Did you want to know it, just you access time? After getting up at 5 a.m. and followed by domestic work how much time remains to wear saree and comb my long hairs. You did not know how I cried when I trimmed my long hair. You were happy to fly fun of me saying 'Parkati".
I know frequently discussion of my job disappointed you. Is it not right that you were waiting of my salary check to repay installment of your new house. You used to call your parents every day. But you always opposed call to my parents. Yours parents can visit any time without intimation. And they also want that I will cook food immediately. I considered them as my own. I welcome them I had not detracted.
My parents could not come because hesitation. You did not ever have to call my parents. Your uncle's party, I had to be mine in your uncle's party but despite my uncle's scholarly invitation you did not need to be go there. Did you thought how much I would have to lie for your absence. For your parents daughter-in-law must be Obedient, being multi-cultured, serving to in-laws, and it was necessary to do the job. I always respected them. It is right Sandeep that, I always respect your parent, but my parents always stand tied up hands in front of you and your parents, why?
Sandeep I say again, you are well educated and you know X and Y chromosome, which is formed male and female embryonic. Then my parents what crime if daughter was born, so they always stand in front of you with tided hands.
In favor of your choice I want to lose my all likes and dislikes. Food of your choice, clothing of your choice, TV channel of your choice and you used to determine the relative bond. At least I should have the right to decide what I eat and friends at my office. .
Remember, when I wanted to show opposition to anything after the wedding, you raised your hand on me and angrily said me, get out of my house. Despite it I tried to understand yours house as own. .
You wished that I leave my 23 years old habits and maiden rituals, in just couple of minutes. Your house, your job yours like and dislikes, where was I am Sandeep among these. The rugged behavior yours house forced me to recall love and affection of my parents and brothers. You can proud on quality which you gained with your efforts, but why proud on having a male.
I am not telling you all these to deliver lecture of women freedom and also not interested in insulting men. I know that God gave us power of unlimited tolerance power and also gave us spirit of love, surrender body and soul who love us. Complete dedication is the entirety of woman
OK, let bygones be bygones now let us you know the reason for writing this letter. I am going from your life and this city forever. Do not speak me what happen, you know very well. You were secretly got tested fetus which is developing in me womb from your friendâ?Ts diagnostic center. When female child dictated you decided for miscarriage.
It is shameful Sandeep, that you do not want female as daughter in your house but you want to marriage with woman to give birth to your son. I think you understand that, I didn'tâ?T abort. I searched house and job in these last two month when I was living with my parents.
After all these if you want divorced than send paper to my papa, I will signed them without any if but. But do not dare to claim on my daughter in court. Anyway you do not want this female child.
In future if I will find any person who loves me and my daughter I will marry with him. I know all men are not like you. I have proud on two males, my father and brother who understand my emotions and respect them.
Sandeep any time try listen to yours hurt, I wished to love you, I told you to be God and I wished to worship you like other Indian women.
You also get married again. I know you cannot live alone. You have the problem of BP so take regular medicines. Sandeep you never care me but I always worried for you. I didn'tâ?T forgot 25 years of my life which I spent in my maiden in just couple of moments, like it some good moments which I spent with you will be cry me for some days. Now I am far away from you with body and soul. Do not try persuade and call me, it is good for both of us.
Nothing remains left to write know Good Bye.


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