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A review of the Samsung Galaxy Camera

January 15, 2013  by: Abhijit Bangal  Points: 12   Category: Gadgets  Earning $0.40   Views: 647

These are the days where we get to experience a lot of gadgets that can be run wirelessly.


There are very few cameras in the market, that are wireless. When it comes to mentioning wireless devices, we should not forget the Galaxy Camera from Samsung. This 16MP camera from Samsung gives you 21x zoom.

The Built
The one adjective we can use for built of the camera is ‘well-built’. The camera is built with a plastic body. However, only the looks of the camera will make you feel as if there is something more to the make than just the plastic. The camera is and looks sturdy. At 300 gms, the camera might be on the heavier side, but considering it is a camera, the weight is pretty much acceptable.

The Design
The design of the Samsung Galaxy isn’t really that mind-blowing, but isn’t too bad either. The camera gives a good grip when you actually ready it to shoot. There is a rubberized grip for better control. However, placing of the controls could have been better. The dial is missing from the body and there are lesser buttons.

The Screen
The Samsung Galaxy camera comes with a 4.8” touchscreen. The plus point of the touchscreen is that it is very sensitive and responds to the touch forthwith. However, the downside is that the screen is a tad too wide. It would have been better had the width been a bit lesser, as it would have given a good visual experience.

Samsung Galaxy Wire-free
The camera uses the Android Jelly Bean, which is one of the best operating systems around today. The Samsung camera has exploited the powers of the Android Jelly Bean to good effect. If you have pictures you need to share on social networking sites, you can do it with ease. Sharing photos on Facebook, Twitter, etc. is all that easier with the Android Jelly Bean.

Cloud Storage
These days, it is a child’s play to click or shoot. That is why storage is a big problem. To address this, there is 48 GB of cloud storage available on the Dropbox for a couple of years. What happens when you run out of your memory card? Well, cloud storage is always there for you.

The Interface
When the camera is switched on, you are directly taken to the camera app. Whatever settings you changed before switching the camera off, will automatically be saved. That saves the time for reconfiguration once again. This is one of the best cameras when it comes to point and shoot.

Using the manual mode might be a tough call for some people as there are four rings that occupy the bulk of the screen space. What happens is that when using the manual mode is that one cannot time the shutter speed and the image to shoot. This is where the auto mode works best for the newbie.

The pros of the Samsung Galaxy camera
The upsides of the Samsung device is due to its wireless functioning nature, you can wirelessly carry out uploading and backing up of the data.
The interface is extremely alert and does not make you wait. It gives you a response within no time at all.

The cons of the Samsung Galaxy camera
As described above, the manual mode is pretty awkward. That is certainly hard for the beginners to get used to.
Considering that the Galaxy camera comes from a company of Samsung’s stature, the picture quality is not up to the mark.


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