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A few thoughts about keywords and SEO

January 15, 2013  by: Abhijit Bangal  Points: 12   Category: SEO  Earning $0.50   Views: 897

Today, everyone wants fast traffic to their articles and blog posts. Traffic really plays an important role in the success of a blog or a web site.


Traffic really matters there, where you are posting your articles for revenue sharing web sites that pay you on page views. The more the page views, the more the earning will be. Of course, promoting articles on social networking sites is one way of increasing traffic. But there are other methods that can help you bring in more traffic as well.

Let us have a look at an important aspect like writing articles with proper keywords and SEO. These two things can really bring in a whole lot of traffic to your blog posts and most of the traffic comes through search engines.

Searching for the right keyword
There are many tools for searching the right keyword for your articles. Before you start jotting down (typing, in today’s age), make sure you have the right keyword in mind. Just don’t start writing whatever comes to your mind. You can even use a long keyword, which is a combination of more than one word as a keyword.

Using any of the keyword tools for searching deeply for a certain keyword, you can get an idea which keywords are more related to the original keyword you want to work upon. The Google Adword is one such keyword tool that will allow you to explore your desired keywords in more detailed format with many other characteristics.

Using the keyword
The placement of keywords is really very important and makes or breaks your chances of traffic. Ideally, the keywords should be included in the title of your article. The entire article, of how many words it may be, should not be overstuffed or should not be lacking the ideal number of keywords. Around 3% to 5% of keywords used in an article should be fine.

The safer option would be to make use of the keywords once in each paragraph. It will look evenly spread instead of using them in clusters. You can make use of the keywords to even slightly more than 5% too. But remember not to overuse them. Otherwise, it will not take time for the search engines to consider this as spamming.

Make ample use of synonyms in case you think you are overusing a certain keyword. For example, if you use a keyword like ‘post’ meaning a certain position in the office, try to put in synonyms in the midsection of the article body. Some other words that you can use are ‘rank’, ‘title’ or ‘status’. These are just the similar meaning words. You can decide which ones fit best according to the description and meaning of your article.

Some thoughts about SEO
Always remember to write for your readers and not search engines. That is the correct way of writing. If you give importance to the Search Engine Optimization results even before you have written anything, that is certainly going to affect your writing style. You will automatically be drawn towards writing keeping specific words in mind at certain places. So, avoid that as much as you can.

But that said there are some SEO techniques that really help. Using your keyword every time once every 100 words, that would ideally suit the density of the keywords. Do not forget to edit or proofread your article for the content and more importantly for the quality. You might have lost the touch of the flow while giving prominence to a certain keyword. So, try to make the flow look more natural and more real.

Linking your previously written articles to the present ones will increase the chances of your visitors navigating to other articles as well.

Author: ushakiran        
Posted Date: 01/20/2013    Points:2    

Internet and internet communication is built on SEO and key words - nice article with lots of useful information, even if one is not paid for views key words are important on the net so that the site benefits through our articles and thats what ultimately brings in revenue!
Author: laratomb        
Posted Date: 09/16/2013    Points:5    

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