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Amazing astronomy facts

January 16, 2013  by: Munts  Points: 12   Category: Space  Earning $0.45   Views: 737

Here I have written some amazing astronomy facts.


Astronomy is the study of universe. The universe is nothing but a mystery to the people of Earth. Though scientists have studied it for a quite long time, we only know little bit of it. As we continue to learn more, we become amazed at what we learn. Here I am discussing about some astronomy amazing facts.

• Though the scientists have studied universe for a quite long time, still now, we know only 5% of it.
• A star’s life passes many stages. The primary stage is known as MAIN SEQUENCE. The secondary stage is giant star. According to mass, the final stage can be dwarf star or neutron star or black hole. A neutron star is so dense that a soup can full of neutron star would have more mass than moon.

• Every second The sun’s core releases such energy which is equivalent of 100 billion nuclear bombs

• Many thought Galileo Galilei the inventor of telescope. It Isn’t correct. He was the first to use this to survey sky.
• Black holes are so dense and produce much gravity that not even light can escape from it.

• Lights from distant galaxies and stars take so much time to reach us that when we see them, we see their past.
• Sometimes we wonder what shooting stars are. It is nothing but tiny particle of dusts or asteroids falling through our atmosphere.
• Though Mercury is the closest planet to earth, it temperature can reach -280 degrees F. why? It’s because Mercury has no atmosphere to trap heat. So the dark side is very cold.
• Though Venus is farther to sun than Mercury, it is hotter because its atmosphere is much thicker and traps heat near the surface of the planet.
• If you place a pinhead size of sun on earth, you would die if you stand within 145 km of it.
• Saturn would float if you put it on water.

• Space is not completely vacuum. There are 3 atoms per cubic meter of space
• Only 5 % of the universe is made of known matter. 25 % is of dark matter and 70% is of dark energy.
• The sun is 400 times larger than moon but it is 400 times farther away from Earth, so they appear same in size.
• The star Lucy in the constellation Centaurus is a huge cosmic diamond of 10 billion trillion carets.
• Seasons last 21 years on Uranus while each pole has 42 years of sunlight followed by 42 years of darkness.
• Venus doesn’t have any season.
• The coldest place is on Earth in Wolfgang kestrel’s lab in Massachusetts. It is 0.000000000001 degrees Kelvin.
• The pistol star is the most luminous star known. 10 million times brighter than sun
• Saturn’s moon titan has Liquid Ocean of natural gas.
• All the planets are the same age. 4.544 billions years.
• Earth’s moon was most likely formed when a earlier planet named Theia crashed into earth.
• 8000 stars are visible with naked eye from earth.
• 90-99% of all known matter in the universe is hydrogen
• Only 55% of all the Americans know that sun is a star.
• A full moon is 9 times brighter than a half moon.
• When the moon is directly above your head, you weight slightly less.
• A single Quasar produces the same amount of energy as 1 trillion suns.

• Just after the big bang everything in the universe was in the liquid form
• Every year the moon is moving away from earth by 3.8 cm.
• The average galaxy contains 40 billions stars
• Mars surface is covered with Iron Oxide
• Only half a billionth of the energy of the sun reaches earth
• Sweeps 10 is the planet found with the shortest orbital period.
• It orbits it star in only 10 hours.
• Some brown dwarfs have liquid iron rain falling on them.
• The closest black hole to the earth is only 1.600 light years away
• There are at least 10^24 stars in the universe.
• Certain star quakes are found to tear upon the surface of neutron stars.
• All free liquid in the outer space will form itself into a sphere due to the surface tension
• Neutron stars can rotate up to 500 times in 1 second
• The largest structure found in the universe is the Solan great wall, a super cluster of galaxies 1.37 Billion light years wide.


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