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Winter Thought of Winged Tourists

January 16, 2013  by: Paulose  Points: 17   Category: Inspirational Stories    Views: 798

It is winter. Perhaps winter weather may keep you logged in your house. You may not be able to involve in outdoor activities. But occasionally we can see birds flying here and there in search of food. They may be the last batch of migrating birds going towards the south for their winter resorts. Have you ever thought of these winged visitors who may like to spend some time in your yard?


In winter, you may not be able to involve in outdoor activities. But occasionally we can see birds flying here and there in search of food. They may be the last batch of migrating birds going towards the south for their winter resorts. Have you ever thought of these winged visitors who may like to spend some time in your yard?

Winter is the season of cold weather with rain and snow. It is the season when the animals and squirrels have already retreated to their hibernation places of rest. It is the season when we see rare movement of creatures outside. Yet, there may be some birds flying here and there. They may be searching for food or may be birds that lost their way towards their destination. They may be the last batch of migrating birds as we find some late goers everywhere. It is interesting to look at them.

Think of the winged friends on their tour

It is an interesting hobby to watch the winged tourists --these migrating birds-- to stop somewhere in the middle of their journey to take some rest during their long journey. I have seen pilgrims in India going from place to place taking rest in front of houses on their way and sharing what the people of the household give them to eat. They eat whatever they are provided and bless the people of that household.

Here, in the US, I find many migrating birds fly thousands of miles away from Ohio, seeking warmer climates and nutrient-rich habitats. They just pass through our state since they may not be able to get their usual prey from the ground which often may be covered with snow. Yet, they search here and there to find something to eat. Perhaps they may be tired after flying hundreds of miles over the lakes. Sometimes I could see also the bluebirds on their way towards south. It is quite interesting to watch them enjoying the food we keep in the feeders.

Winter feeding of the winged friends

Feeding birds in the winter can be an interesting hobby to give yourself an emotional boost by doing something good for nature. Stow Sentry, a weekly bulletin from Stow, reports that more than 65 million Americans try bird feeding. Feeding these winged migrators is a very enjoyable hobby for people of any age. it is very easy and needs no skill. By feeding birds you can build up a mutual relationship with nature.

Placing the feeders close to windows, etc., from where you can watch the birds easily, will be very useful to you to enjoy the birds eating and also to monitor the feeders. It may be troublesome for you to brave the winter weather to fill up the feeds. But the joy of feeding these winged friends is matchless to any trouble. If you are new to this venture, perhaps it may take a few days for the birds to share the feeders you have provided. But in course of time they will be your friends.

Bird feeding is a great dharma in all seasons. It fills you with immense joy. It relieves your tension and stress. It helps your health by relaxing your body and mind.

Author: Abhijit Bangal        
Posted Date: 01/16/2013    Points:4    

As soon as I saw the title of the article and the category in which it was posted, I knew it was penned by you. I have now got an idea of what sort of writing you love. And that''s what I love to read too. As I said some days back, I have been regularly reading your articles here, I will continue to do it.
As far as winter is concerned, though we prefer to live indoors, there are many birds flying miles away as their routine activity. They have been migrating for years and these guests really blow life in the area. It is a treat for bird watchers too.
Author: Xavier        
Posted Date: 02/07/2013    Points:1    

They beautify our life with their presence and song. For nearly three weeks I have not seen any new post from you. Hope you are fine.

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