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The Fourth protocol - Frederick Forsythe

January 17, 2013  by: ushakiran  Points: 15   Category: Inspirational Stories    Views: 676

There is absolutely no denying the fact that Frederick Forsyth is a master story teller .


Frederick Forsyth, the author

Frederick Forsyth writes exciting books , most of them blockbusters novels, and many of his books have been bestsellers that have been made into successful TV serials and films...
The Fourth Protocol is probably among his best written novels.It is compelling, Complex and very absorbing..

The title of the novel Fourth Protocol refers to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty which contained four secret protocols...The fourth was meant to prohibit the non-conventional delivery of nuclear weapons ..which amounts to this "If the Fourth Protocol is ever breached, there would be no warning, just a nuclear explosion from a bedsitter" and all the countries had to adhere to this rule strictly to prevent a nuclear war.

The story

The plot is intricate like all his other novels. It begins with the theft of some valuable diamonds from a British civil servant, where the professional thief accidentally stumbles upon some secret documents that are dynamite , if ,got into wrong hands.. However, the documents find their way to M15 and the chase begins to find the traitor and how the documents got there in the first place ?

As they begin an investigation, they realise that there are Russian agents involved , since they are very interested in getting hold of these documents and the KGB is plotting to set off a bomb near the united states Naval base in England. This is to involve the British, who would probably blame America, and amidst all this ,is the traitor who is pulling threads , manipulating, controlling and killing..And they realise that the traitor is among them, working with them.

M15 officer John Preston investigating the matter has not only to deal with double agents, KGB and the Russian secret agents, but the dangerous enemy within...the Traitor !

My views about this book

This is a very well written book, no loopholes anywhere, neither is there any dull moment .Frederick Forsyth has neatly tied all the intricate plots within the story together .As usual the chase takes you all over the world .I have read most of Frederick Forsyth's books and each one of them has a different plot and the action takes you through various parts of the world . I have always enjoyed reading his books . I find them extremely interesting, managing to keep you on the edge all the time.

By now, though , I have got used to the idea that KGB is the villain every time and M15, CIA and the rest of the world class investigating agencies are the heroes.That is the way every author who writes a political thriller depicts KGB and Russia. I guess it has something to do with Russia being a communist country. As far as I see it , espionage is as bad or deadly or intricate, or whatever one can say about it, anywhere in the world. So blaming only the Russians for all evils is not fair - strictly my feelings...

The story has been made into a successful film (1987), and it had a star cast of Michael caine, Pierce Bronson,Joanna cassidy and others..It got a nomination under The Best Film category...I saw the film after I read the novel and though the film is well made it doesn't have the same impact as the novel. This has happened with most of the books that I have read except probably ' The day of the Jackal '..
There is a lot of detailing and absolutely no denying the fact that Frederick Forsyth is a master story teller and one of the best in his genre..

I liked the book a lot and recommend it to all those who like to read a good political thriller.



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