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Blogging and its facts

January 19, 2013  by: Joseph  Points: 12   Category: Blogging  Earning $0.50   Views: 696

Blogging is a very good way to get income from the internet. The most of the internet users has there own blogs. It is very good,you can share your knowledge with others and get paid for that. This article is about blogging and its facts.



Blogging is like an art. And it is also a way of getting revenue from internet. There thousands of peoples doing blogging as there job because it is very easy and quite interesting those who loved to share there experience and knowledge with others. Blogging will not give any loss to you neither your money nor your time if you do perfectly. I have seen many peoples who started from blog and go on to there own website. Some of the peoples use blogging as there job rather than going to a company. I think it is a great idea because the income will come according to your work rather than your fixed payment. It is sometimes hard to start blogging because you need to get a good page rank, approved from google adsense or chitika etc. If you successed in developing your blog you will be easily get income from it with your own effort.

The advantages of blogging

Actually more than disadvantages, it has many advantages.
*You don't need to hear the shouting of your boss* The work time is depending upon you
* Write and share your experience and knowledge with others to get paid.
*You will paid from google adsense or from chitika( you can choose both of them no problem for it).
*Sharing your knowledge with others will help you to get more information from there responses.
This are the main advantages of blogging.

Disadvantage of blogging

There is not much disadvantages about blogging but the only point is
*It is very hard to start. After it all well be fine.
* You need to spend some time in the beginning.

How to start blogging

For starting blogging you need to do so many steps. Firstly you have to sign up in blogger with your gmail account. And then create a blog, the important thing that you have to be careful is that to create a very popular title for your blog. Because if your title is a trendy keyword then visitors will easily come. After creating your blog, you need to post your ideas and knowledge with your writing skill. In the beginning of the blog try to post more article to get active 15 to 20 articles will be a good one to get approved from google adsense, chitika etc. When you write, the important thing that you have to check is that try to develop article which is peoples are looking forward, i mean that try to post article which are trendy in search engines. Use of adding photos, url, videos make visited visitors to come back to see your updates. Visitors are the main key of getting income from blogging.

Income Source

I already told that blogging is a best way to get income from your own work. When your blog is active you need to send an application to an internet advertisement group google adsense, chitika are some of it. They will pay you for your work. When you post an application, they will check your blog and if they feel satisfactory with your work they will approve your publisher account and publish ads on your blog. The income will come when someone click on that ads through your blog. The pay rate mostly go like 2$ to 5$/1000 visitors. The payment processors are mostly paypal, bank transfer,check etc. By this you can earn income and also you can develop blog into a website also. Mostly peoples use blogging as only a starting after it they will buy there own domain with the earnings and post there articles in there. If your blog has very good page rank the visitors will easily flow to your blog. So no need to worry about the earning.

Develop your blog:- After the successive start with blog,most of the bloggers will focus on buy domain and hosting and start writing. Even sometimes they allow the visitors to write also. Actually it is a very good idea to get paid and sharing your knowledge.
But all the success will come from the blog itself. Developing your blog means try to add more features to your website after the blogging. Remember visitors are the key of blogging.

Author: Abhijit Bangal        
Posted Date: 11/01/2013    Points:3    

I really agree with you. There are hardly any disadvantage of blogging except that it makes you work hard and increasing your electricity bill. As a matter of fact, many people are taking to blogging for various reasons. But yes, one needs patience if one is a full time blogger and expects to earn a living out of it. Even today it is possible and I am sure there are many people who are doing the same already. Great article!

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