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9 subsidized cylinders in place of 6? A reality?

January 20, 2013  by: Abhijit Bangal  Points: 8   Category: Others  Earning $0.15   Views: 714

Will the Indian government indeed offer 9 subsidized cylinders in place of the current 6?


The Indian government is on the verge of taking an important decision where the number of subsidized LPG gas cylinders will be hiked from 6 per year to 9. However that will not be happening without any adjustments. It will be a balancing act for the government for sure. It remains to be seen how the government will tackle this situation.

When you dig one place, there’s a heap at the other place. The balance has to be created with the other oil products that include diesel and petrol. According to the estimate the diesel price will go up by about 50 paise. However, there is a cut announced for another oil product, which is petrol. The price of the petrol will be brought down by 25 paise.
The revised diesel prices have yet not come into effect. However, they are the prediction for the near future. However, there has been no price change in the LPG gas or kerosene. They will remain unchanged. According to the new rules the oil companies can go on to make changes in diesel prices if the hike is reasonable and not too big in one go. As far as the diesel hike is concerned, that could come into effect from Friday.

The LPG cylinders are a household item and needs to be dealt with care. It is the need of all the people, irrespective of the social status and how many vehicles they own. Increasing the diesel or petrol prices sounds pretty wise in this situation. The people who can afford to own vehicles can also afford to buy fuel at higher prices. However, the same cannot be the case with LPG gas.

I am sure the decision will be welcomed by one and all irrespective of what political views one shares. After all, it is common problem for all of India and finding a solution at the earliest has become the need of the hour.

Posted Date: 02/23/2013    Points:2    

A huge sigh of relief. But still a lot of arguments going between the gas agency and customers for including the cylinders given in the month of September.
hope everything is sorted and customers will get sufficient cylinders on time.

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