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Secrets of blogging

January 26, 2013  by: Joseph  Points: 12   Category: Blogging  Earning $0.40   Views: 790

Blogging is like an art if anyone have an idea about how to use it will help him to successed. The idea of getting more visitors to your blog will be a key for the success. This article explain about the different mode of getting successed with your blog.


Facts About Blogging

Everyone knows what is blogging and most of them have an idea about how to start and get revenue from advertisement programs but mostly the problem is only about 25% internet users get the power of getting revenue from it. It is because most of the peoples use google adsense as advertisement program. The minimum cash required to withdraw is 100$ which is too high. The reason is that if 10$ is the ecpm for 1000 impressions then you have to wait for getting 10,000 impressions for get paid for that month.So for successfull blogger he or she need to find the secret of getting keyword. Actually the power of getting visitors is using trendy keywords. Whenever you write and share your ideas and opinions in your blog, using trendy keywords will help you to get viewers for your work. In the mean time if someone click in the advertisement you will get impressions also. So the great way of earning revenue from blog is getting more page views.Some people use backlinks for there blogs to get more visitors. It is also a very good idea because if your blog has more than one directory then it will be very useful to get more page views from search engines.

Secrets For Successful Blogging

The most of the people used search keyword like 'earning income', 'internet job opportunities ' etc because most of the people want to know the secret of earning income so using such keyword when you create backlinks and adding keywords in your blog will be useful for getting visitors. I had saw many peoples who buys hits for there blogs i will say it is a very foolishness because the rate of getting 1000 hits is may be 3$ to 8$ and in PTC sites they advertise their blog for at most 30 second. When the traffic exchanger or the PTC earners have only one aim that is they need traffic to their blog instead of it or earn money from click. So it never means that you will get 1000 impressions,it only give you 1000 page views so it is foolish idea. The only possible way to get more traffic without any loss is only the use of proper and trendy keywords. When you create tags for your blog post using appropriate keywords will help you to get visitors. Actually the blogging is like an art if anyone use it in a proper way and have an idea about how to successed with it will gain more revenue. The art of getting more visitors is in the hands of proper writing and use of trendy keywords by the author.Another important thing required for a successful blogger is be active. If the author is not active with his blog then it will be hard to get more page rank because day by day new blogs and websites are going in a way of contest for getting better page rank. The best idea for getting more updates is partnership blogging. Use your trusted friends for writing. It will help you to get more updates and even big traffic and share your earnings equally or give fixed charge for per post. But remember never give your blog password to them,create a private email id and tell your friend to post article to you by sending email to this id. And you have to post it in your blog with there name. Using such type of ideas in blogging will be very useful. So everything has secrets for success when you use it properly you will be successed with your aim. All the best and happy earnings.

Author: Abhijit Bangal        
Posted Date: 01/28/2013    Points:2    

I agree Joseph what you said about the facts of blogging. The example that you mentioned of the $10 was excellent. I also had a habit of calculating such things. And yes, keywords play a lot of important role in the success of a blog. Well, written. Can you write something about keywords too?
Author: Joseph        
Posted Date: 01/28/2013    Points:2    

Thanks Abhijith for your response, i have posted one article to exposeknowledge about the backlinks and other keyword uses but it didn''t reviewed yet, i am waiting for its approval.

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