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4 important tips to choose the right keywords

January 28, 2013  by: Abhijit Bangal  Points: 12   Category: Blogging  Earning $0.40   Views: 1064

A blog or a web site''''s life depends on keywords. But how can you choose them? Here are 4 important tips to get you started.


The success of a blog or a web site depends on the amount of traffic it has. What really matters is the traffic coming from search engines. And search engines need to be directed in a specific way so that the traffic comes to your blog. So, how do you direct a search engine to divert traffic your way?
What this means is all about Search Engine Optimization. SEO, as it is known in short, is a never-ending and an ever-evolving process. One needs to change according to the behavior of the search engine. The most prominent of them all happens to be Google. We have seen many such new rules being introduced by Google.
Everything depends on which keywords you choose. In fact, it makes or breaks your blog or web site. So what you need is blending yourself according to the changes the SE makes. Even if there are a hundred changes in the rules of the search engines, some basic things will never cease to exist – and that is the keywords.
Let us have a look at 4 important steps in choosing the right keywords. It will take your blog a long way.

Make your list
Knowingly or unknowingly, you make a list of your own keywords in your mind. If you haven’t yet noticed this, observe yourself when you write any article the next time. If you have found a basic keyword to write upon, the related keywords follow automatically. Your mind will work subliminally towards it and before you even know it, you have a list of the keywords in your mind.
So, the important part of this step is to have some keywords in mind, work upon them and bring out a possible list of keywords you think matter the most. This is, of course, a subjective term as the keywords you think could be important for bringing in traffic, might not be the same for others. So, you have to take into account the possibilities thinking like a reader and what he is supposed to search.

Work on your keywords with keyword tools
Now, this is the most important step in choosing your keywords. You need to have something to guide you when it comes to determining the keywords. The keyword tools are very useful at such times. It is not manually possible to evaluate and optimize a web site for the keywords that you listed. This is where the keyword tools come in the picture.
The keyword tools allow you to narrow down your tentative list. This funnel leaves the vague keywords out and only the best possible combinations are left for your use. There are many such tools you can use to decipher the keywords according to their popularity, use, search, etc. The Google Adwords:Keywords Tools is a free tool you can use for this purpose.

Be precise
It is very important to be precise when using keywords. Any vague keyword and it is enough to let the potential traffic off your web site. Just saying “Smartphone” might not lead you anywhere. But if you are specific enough to point of “Apple Smartphone” that would be something meaningful in the eyes of the search engine. “Smartphone” is a very general terms and may throw results that you were not expecting or not interested in.
However, “Apple Smartphone” will lead you to the right search results. You can be more specific with the year of the launch as well. if you were to type a certain year, say the year in which the Smartphone has been launched, only those results will be displayed accordingly.

Be flexible
Keep making changes in your keyword database too. Certain kinds of keywords are likely to become old after specific time has elapsed. So, it is vital you make the changes too. The web site logs or the traffic stats in blogs can give you specific data about the keywords being used to reach your blog. This gives you an idea of the successful keywords and the ones that you need to avoid.
The keywords you choose can eventually affect your entire site. Its success and failure can entirely depend on this one thing. This puts the search engine marketing efforts at the top of your priority list.
If your web site is selling one product or a range of products, then everything depends on keywords and keywords alone. After all, your customers should be able to find you through the most possibly used keywords in your niche. So, make wise use of the resources at hand.

Author: Xavier        
Posted Date: 02/10/2013    Points:1    

You have been giving very good tips, Ahijit. They are guiding lights for groping new bloggers like me. Thanks a lot.


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