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Tips on how deliver an effective Presentation - part1

January 31, 2013  by: gaurisood  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.80   Views: 1183

Nowadays preparing and delivering presentations on various topics is an important part of Office ,college and even school life . Thus it becomes crucial to be able to give effective presentations and create a positive impact on the audience .


Nowadays preparing and delivering presentations on various topics is an important part of Office ,college and even school life . Thus it becomes crucial to be able to give effective presentations and create a positive impact on the audience . This requires good communication and oratory skills , along with the ability to create eye catching and professional looking presentations .

Many people ,even those with good knowledge of the topic and many years of experience ,panic at the thought of delivering presentations in a room full of people . But doing so is not as difficult as it sounds .With the help of a few pointers ,along with regular practice ,delivering good presentations becomes a smoother task . Here are a few tips :

1)Preparing a presentation
One of the most important aspects of a presentation is the content material that is going to be presented or what are commonly referred to as “presentation slides “ . Nowadays these are usually prepared using tools like Microsoft Power Point etc rather than traditional handwritten slides on transparency sheets . Therefore it is useful for everyone to be conversant with atleast the basics of Powerpoint so that the slides can be made with ease . Other important factors to be kept in mind include :

a)Relevant to topic
The written material should be relevant to the topic of presentation and all unnecessary references should be removed .The editing should be crisp and the slides should be prepared to the point to avoid losing interest of the audience .

b)Avoid overload with information and text material
Overloading your presentation with too much written material is a common mistake many people commit. Not only is it visually unappealing , it is also very cumbersome for the audience to read and digest . Writing full sentences and paragraphs should be avoided as much as possible . The preferred to be used is bullets or numbering .

c)It is important that the basic formatting and layout of the presentation should be neat and professional .Overuse of animation and gaudy templates should be avoided especially in technical and official presentations . The quality of the presentation content can be enhanced by adding more graphic material such as diagrams ,drawings ,graphs and charts .

d)While preparing the presentation ,it is important to take care that the duration is appropriate .Too many or too few slides reduce the effectiveness of a presentation .

e) Review
If possible ,it is best to get the final draft of your presentation reviewed by a senior or peer . A peer review can help in catching basic formatting and grammatical errors .Many times the reviewer can offer valuable tips and comments on the contents ,which can be incorporated to make the presentation more effective .

f)Keep Back ups in external USB drives /CDs
Many times we take a number of days to prepare a presentation .In such cases ,it is a good idea to keep a either a hard copy or a back up of the material in an external device ,besides the soft copy on your personal device . It will prevent your hardwork from getting lost in case of any unforeseen circumstance like a device crash etc .

2) Getting ready
On the D day ,it is important to be in a relaxed frame of mind .Here are a few pointers which can be kept in mind :

a)Reach the venue well in time
It’s best to reach the venue well ahead of time – atleast half an hour to twenty minutes if possible .It gives us the time to relax and familiarize ourselves with the surroundings .
b)Make sure the arrangements like projector ,computer ,microphone are in place .If using another computer ,run through the slides once to make sure they are loading properly .Appropriate screen settings may be required

c) Keep hardcopy of notes handy
Despite knowing the topic of presentation thoroughly , many of us get unsettled by the fear of public speaking and may forget the point we are discussing temporarily .In such cases ,it is good to keep a hard copy of your notes handy ,so that you can glance at it to get a quick reference .

Now you are ready to actually deliver the presentation in front of an audience . In the second part of the article we will discuss the tips to be followed while presenting ,so that the presentation is a success !!


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Tips on how deliver an effective Presentation - part1
Nowadays preparing and delivering presentations on various topics is an important part of Office ,college and even school life . Thus it becomes crucial to be able to give effective presentations and create a positive impact on the audience .

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