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Addicted To Internet

January 31, 2013  by: Tinu Thomson  Points: 9   Category: Others  Earning $0.15   Views: 787

Most of us are spending our precious life in internet, can we survive this way.


Killing Social life

We blend in internet so deeply as we virtually think that it is the real and the only life. But in our conscience mind we know that it is not. But we can't limit its use efficiently, that's a problem for everyone these days. New generation are the one who suffering most of it.
As we sit in front of internet all the time we don't remember that we ought to have a social life, that we are spoiling our real life.
Instead of hanging out with friends we only chat with them to remain in friendship. We lack social skill to live in this world.

Why Are We Addicted

That's the real question, & the only answer is that we are lazy. Yes, that is right we are lazy. You won't agree because our mind is not concerned about it.
Everything is easy & simple on internet that's what we are attracted to.But understant that life is not easy & simple as you think.
Surviving in real world is lot more difficult than we think.

Health Consequences

As well as well as we are killing our social life we are also destroying our health.
Serious eye problems, mental unsteadiness, increase in cholesterol and fat & back pain because of sitting in front of computers for hours.

Use Internet Wisely

Using internet wisely & stopping over exploiting it can be the best solution for this issue.
Getting out of the house very oftenlly, participating in sports you like, hanging out with friends.

Life is only for one time, don't waste it in front of internet.


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