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Tips to manage cooking after office

February 01, 2013  by: gaurisood  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.70   Views: 1470

In today’s time , thanks to hectic work schedules and longer working hours ,many of us do not find the energy to come back home and prepare a home cooked meal for our family . By the time we leave office and reach home ,we are tired and stressed


In today’s time , thanks to hectic work schedules and longer working hours ,many of us do not find the energy to come back home and prepare a home cooked meal for our family . By the time we leave office and reach home ,we are tired and stressed .Thus we are more likely to fall for the temptation of ordering a home delivery ,eating out or reaching out for the frozen meals that are available nowadays .In long term ,all of these options are extremely unhealthy for us ,as well as expensive .
There are many tips following which we can try to rustle up nutritious and quick meals for ourselves and our family . Following these tips makes cooking a less time consuming and more hassle free job .

1)Grocery shopping during weekends
You can plan to do most of the grocery shopping during weekends .In this way ,the kitchen will be stocked with all necessary items required to make dinner ,such as fresh vegetables ,grains, spices ,meat ,yoghurt etc . In my opinion , if all the basic equipments and materials are available at hand ,you would be less likely to opt for outside meals .

2)Stock your fridge with healthy options
It is a good idea to stock up your fridge with nutritious items such as raw vegetables for salads ,fresh fruits ,yoghurt , tofu ,eggs etc .Many of these items can be used to prepare quick snacks to satisfy the pre dinner hunger panks as well as healthy desserts .

3)Preparations on a holiday or weekend
Since we are pressed for time during weekdays , one can ease the cooking process on such times by doing simple pre preparations eg onion tomato paste can be grinded and prepared for curry gravies and sauces used in pasta such as tomato and pesto can be refrigerated and stored for a few days .

4)Utilize leftovers effectively
Many times we are left with leftovers of dinner .Instead of discarding them , they can be refrigerated and reheated for consumption the next day .Many cooked vegetables serve as excellent stuffing for grilled sandwiches that can be eaten the next day for breakfast .Similarly leftover rice can be used at other times for making fried rice or herbed rice .

5)Wholesome breakfast
It is often said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and should not be neglected .We should aim at eating a healthy and wholesome breakfast instead of consuming empty calories in the form of packaged juices ,muffins etc . A good breakfast is simple to make yet keeps us energized throughout the day .As a result we will automatically opt for a lighter and simple dinner ,instead of one which is heavy on the stomach .

6)Using modern technology and Gadgets to help out
Nowadays a large number of kitchen gadgets and equipment is available easily in the market which ease the effort required in cooking for example Food processors and mixies for chopping vegetables ,mixing and grinding ,microwave and oven for heating ,grilling and baking ,electronic rice cookers etc .Most of these gadgets are easy on the pocket and reduce the time and effort required significantly .

7)Opt for non fussy ,quick dinner options that can be prepared without too much hassle
A healthy and hearty meal need not necessarily mean a big dinner with lots of dishes and elaborate cooking .Sometimes one meal dishes serve as excellent dinners for the entire family .Eg A large bowl of Soups and Salad along with garlic bread ,pasta loaded with goodness of fresh vegetables ,egg dishes like omelets ,homemade pizza and burgers ,rolls and wraps ,quick stir fries etc .
Most of these items can be prepared with minimal cooking .Also they are a favorite with most kids , so you can be assured of serving them something that they will enjoy ,along with loads of nutrition .

8)Family members contribution
Nowadays owing to changes in our social structures ,it is no longer the sole responsibility of the wife and mother to cook for the family and satisfy their needs . Many men willingly share responsibility of the kitchen along with their working wives ,which helps in easing her work .
As a family we should understand the idea of joint responsibility and we can take the help of family members in certain routine tasks for example cutting and chopping vegetables , asking kids to lay the table for dinner etc .

9)Plan the menu for coming week
Having a menu planned for the coming week is often helpful as it reduces temptation to eat out

10)Take help from basic cookbooks and recipes on the Net
Many of us feel discouraged to cook thinking that it is a very difficult task and not “my cup of tea” . Actually cooking is quite easy once you get the basics right and also very enjoyable . Nothing matches the pleasure of seeing your loved ones enjoying and appreciating the food cooked by you .So in case you are a beginner ,you can invest in some good cookbook containing bachelor recipes or take help from the numerous recipes posted online .Do not be discouraged by a few initial misses .Once you have mastered the basics ,you can graduate to cooking delicious meals in no time .

11)Organised and clean kitchen increases efficiency

These are just some basic ideas .Hopefully these tips will encourage you all to serve delicious home cooked meals to your family ,without much hassle and trouble .


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