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Believing in Destiny (Karma)

February 04, 2013  by: ushakiran  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $1.00   Views: 1149

Life is complicated and imbalanced and when things go wrong we tend to blame it on destiny..


I came across this wise quote “ I sit astride life like a bad rider on a horse. I only owe it to the horse's good nature that I am not thrown off at this very moment. Life is the sum of all your choices.. ” So where does destiny come in ? If the horse decides to throw us off we blame destiny for it..

The dictionary meaning of the word 'destiny' says - "The inevitable or necessary fate to which a particular person or thing is destined" and or "a predetermined course of events considered as something beyond human power or control".

We all have our fair share of miseries and happiness too. Our creator has seen to it that everything is evenly distributed, but sometimes one wonders as to why some people have more of one thing and less of the other - I feel that this kind of unequal distribution of fortune and happiness is what made people develop a belief in destiny or Karma.

The theory of karma or destiny

In life however much we try certain things are beyond our control and can cause a lot of misery. When that happens it is difficult to point towards any one cause for such a happening and we have to think it is destiny and that we cannot escape it.

We often see some really nice and genuine people going through misery which seems both unfair and unnecessary. Personally speaking , I too have had many such miserable times and wondered whether I really deserve it? But, that's the way life is and one has to go on, no matter what...we have to take comfort in the fact that some people may be even more miserable than we are.

All these imbalances and inequalities in life gave credence to the theory of destiny and the more people suffered the more they believed in Destiny, taking comfort from the fact that one cannot escape it even if they tried.

Overcoming the fatalistic view

To a large extent we can control and steer the direction our life is taking , but with all that we are unable to foresee and prevent certain matters which may ruin or have a large impact on our lives. It is these kinds of unexpected situations in life that most of us face which perplexes us and place the responsibility on destiny or fate.

I am sure that if we take life as a challenge, things would be a little different and probably others too would view us differently. Death is final, but we have to go on until the time death visits us and why not make the most of it in the mean time...

When we question ourselves regarding life and destiny ...who is the one who writes our destinies? can we bribe him and change things for the better ? and, how do people get away literally with murder and some get punished even for other peoples offences - very complicated process destiny is, when we analyse all those issues.

We have to keep making as many efforts as we can if we want something in life. But the result is not in our hands since there are many factors involved. But as long as we have made the efforts there also would be some result ,it may or may not come up to our expectations , but we have moved forward in life just by making an attempt.

Making an impact

It is never easy for anyone to forget and move on. Some Memories that have made an impact on us either way - negative or positive never go away, but come back unexpectedly every now and then, sometimes at the most unexpected moments. Life is to be lived as it presents itself , otherwise it becomes very complicated..

Many people tend to build a barrier against depressions and distress as and when it comes , just by trying to divert their mind and trying not to think about hurtful matters. It is not easy but there is no other way and when you keep doing that, you also learn to handle stressful situation better instead of blaming destiny or Karma. Once we begin to see life in the larger context, we are also able to see many more things that are not visible to it when we take a narrow personal view of things around us. It also provides a shield against unpleasant happenings in our life and we are able to draw strength from this very belief and attitude.


Life is nothing but the ability to come to terms with problems and facing them boldly.We all have problems in life, and it is only we who can find solutions for them and face them. We all learn from our past mistakes or experiences . It is best to foresee what might happen and be prepared in life. If things still go out of hand , then we can blame it on destiny.

However, there are some who believe that if you wish hard for something it comes true , but life can never be that easy. In life we need to have belief in something - some believe in god, some believe in elders, in nature and some in destiny and faith and there are people believing in all of these. As long as people are happy in their beliefs and it gives them happiness and peace of mind nothing else matters.

Author: Xavier        
Posted Date: 02/10/2013    Points:3    

There is another meaning of Karma - work, duty, action. Krishna advises Arjuna to do his Karma and not think of consequences. Man is endowed with free will. He has the power to choose his actions. He receives his reward or punishment for his actions. Therefore, we can say that man has the power to shape his destiny.

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