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Walk Slowly My Sister Night

February 07, 2013  by: Xavier  Points: 15   Category: Inspirational Stories    Views: 652

I have found that night is the best time to pray for those who need my prayers most.


Walk slowly and softly my sweet sister night,
For a little while more I need the silent starlight;
To send my prayers to the holy heaven’s height.

Someone lives a lonely life in a depressed room,
Passing dreary days in bottomless ghostly gloom;
Where no hope sprouts, no buds ever bloom.

Someone is abandoned in deadly dark despair,
Waiting for someone’s tender words of care;
Come they may only if they truly love and dare.

Someone is condemned to nights cruelly cold,
Someone is left to die infirm, hungry and old;
Someone is born free, yet auctioned and sold.

Someone is languishing within hard prison walls,
Where no light enters ever and no blessing falls;
Unjustly incarcerated, where no justice calls.

A grieving mother who has lost all her sons,
No comforts near, in tears her sorrow runs;
Life is a slow death with burdens tied in tons.

Walk slowly dear sister for in need many are-
Of my prayers; some are near some quite far;
Some are traveling now, some caught in a war.

Someone is in pangs of death this very moment,
Someone’s heart is about to be in brute grief rent;
To the mourning let my consoling touch be sent.

Some of them I know well, some only by name,
Some of them I know not but it’s just the same;
In my Lord Savior’s name all of them I claim.

Walk softly my dear sister night, walk slowly,
For I’ve to send so very high my prayers lowly;
Ere the day’s duties dictate my mind wholly.


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